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Quiz: How good are you at managing money?

Posted at 28 January 2018

When your student loan first hit your bank account it was like your birthday and Christmas combined - SO. MUCH. MONEY. You probably realised pretty quickly that certain amounts of money don't actually go that far...

Blog Header 5 Steps New Year

Five steps to sticking to your New Year’s resolutions

Posted at 25 January 2018

Hey and welcome to my first post for Campus Living Villages! My name is Hannah and I’m a first-year film student at Leeds Beckett University.

Blog Header 5 Essentials

Five essentials to add to your study space

Posted at 15 January 2018

Where do you normally study? Is it in bed your laptop balanced on your knees with a hand in a bag of Doritos? You might want to reconsider your study space… Here are some of the essential items to add to your desk (not bed) space this exam period.

Blog Header Money Top Tips

Top tips on spending your money wisely

Posted at 14 January 2018

Struggling to budget as a student? Read our top tips for managing your money while at university and how to make cut backs!

Blog Header 5 Ways Beat The Blues

Five ways to beat Blue Monday as a student

Posted at 12 January 2018 in Health & Wellbeing

Forget Blue Monday – January is no fun for students. Revision, exams, the long wait until student loan payment day.

Blog Header 6 New Year

Six New Year's resolutions for students

Posted at 04 January 2018

So, you've already not stuck to your resolutions of going to the gym at least 3 times a week and eating more fruit. And it's only Week One of 2018.

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Meet Caitlin: International Uni Life Blogger

Posted at 28 December 2017

Starting university can be a daunting prospect. Being able to have complete autonomy over your studies for the first time is exciting but the responsibility that comes with it can, quite frankly, be terrifying. Along with the enormous move into adulthood, a lot of us also make the decision to move out of our parents’ homes and live independently.

Blog Header 1 3 Students Stay

One in three students stay at uni to work over Christmas

Posted at 22 December 2017 in Study & Career

Almost three quarters of a million are likely to stay put over the holidays, according to new research we've carried out. A third of our students who live in our villages (33%) plan to remain over the holidays due to academic requirements such as placements and deadlines. Other reasons not to leave include the expensive cost of travel to their home abroad (16%), and living too far away in the UK to travel home as it takes too long (9%).

Blog Header 8 Alternative Christmas

Eight alternative ways to celebrate Christmas Day

Posted at 20 December 2017

Don’t fancy spending another year with all your relatives watching another Christmas special set on Albert Square or Coronation Street? Why not try these alternative ways to celebrate the big day?

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Meet Hannah: one of your Uni Life Bloggers

Posted at 07 December 2017

My name’s Hannah and I’m a full-time physiotherapy student at my University. Like most students coming to university for the first time, I chose to live in halls where I would be able to meet and socialise with new people who were all in the same boat as me.

Blog Header Holidays

What to do before going home for the holidays

Posted at 07 December 2017

There's not long to go until the big day and fully stocked fridges are awaiting your return home. Whilst you might be keen to get back to lounging on the sofa with Christmas films on repeat and cheeseboards in abundance, there are a few things to tick off your going home for the holidays checklist.