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Four simple steps to saving over £500 a year

Posted at 02 February 2018

Budgets can be hard to stick to. Really hard. Only 23% of UK students say they have one, and stick to it, according to NatWest’s Student Living Index.

If you’re not keen on tracking your spending and keeping receipts, but you do want to save some money (who doesn’t?), try these bigger, one off tactics to help you save for a rainy day (or sunny Summer holiday away!).

Brew up at home

Savings: £232.40

Even if you think you’re pinching the pennies by having a 99p filter coffee, it all adds up. If you’re buying on average 5 cups a week – on your way to uni or to get you through that train journey home – that’s £257.40 a year.

Rather than forking out that much on your 260 cups of coffee, grab yourself one of these Amazon ThermoCafe flasks for £5.

What about the coffee?

Grab yourself 500g of Nescafe Americano for less than £20 – covering your one-a-day year’s supply and more.

Take part in a one-month alcohol detox

Savings: £38.61

Don’t worry if you failed Dry January – Go Sober for October instead.

The average student spends £38.61 on buying alcohol and drinks on nights out a month, according to NatWest’s Student Living Index.

Cut back and save yourself not only a few pounds, but a lot of sore heads.

Get yourself a 16-25 Railcard

Savings: £160

Spend just £30 on your railcard, and you could save up to £190 on rail travel a year.

Going home just got a whole lot easier. London for the weekend? A night out in Leeds or Manchester? Yes, please.

Cash in on some top food and drink discounts

Savings: £81.60*

*Based on 20% the average £34 spent by UK student on eating out per month

Student Beans is your one-stop shop for Food & Drink discounts. 40% off ribs on a Tuesday? Free fried chicken? A quarter off burgers?

Cut back on that £34 average eating out spend a month, and we bet that pizza will taste even better.

What would you do with your spare £512.61?