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Six student food discounts you have to use

Posted 18 September 2017 in Food & Drink

It’s almost Freshers’ Week. Which means a lot of long nights and hours spent milling around in between introduction lectures.

The only way to wash away that groggy feeling (or wallow in it for a good few hours before getting up and out of your flat) is to make the most of those student discounts and enjoy a bite to eat. Or maybe you’ve already eaten one-too-many Students’ Union jacket potatoes and you’re looking to venture out?

Here are the best bites your student card can save you some valuable pennies on.

YO! Sushi – 25% off your food bill 

Good chat over a California Roll and a Gyoza or two. What better way to bond with your new mates? Well, by getting 25% off your food bill, obvs.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen - 25% off your bill

Who doesn't love a bit of GBK?

From spicy bean burgers to cranberry & brie chicken stacks, you'll be able to fill up on starters, mains and desserts with this discount in your pocket. Just make sure you download the app before you get there.

LEON - 15% off your bill

Mainly in London and Manchester, this train station fave gives students 15% off their bill.

Meaning you can splash out on that Halloumi Wrap and some chips. Your train journeys are about to get so much better.

Domino's - 35% off when you spend over £25

That's a saving of £8.75. Imagine the sides you could get for that...

I mean, you'll obviously still want to pick up that freebie pizza using the flyers you'll get during Fresher's Week too (and you'll get a lot).

Krispy Kreme - 20% off selected doughtnuts

Which really means you can afford more doughnuts.

Sainsbury’s - £15 or £21 off your shop

Can’t face a trip to the shop? Don’t want to run into your new course mates whilst wearing your pyjamas?


Plan ahead and, for first time customers online, order your Sainsbury’s shop to arrive to your flat with £15 off a £50 shop. Or £21 off a £70 shop. The choice is yours.

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