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DIY takeaway ideas for students

Posted 11 May 2022 in Food & Drink

As well as blocking out everything you said after Ring of Fire last night and balancing lectures with your urge to have a lie-in, having the odd night in with a takeaway is a staple part of uni life.

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5 Ways to Celebrate St Patrick's Day

Posted 14 March 2022 in Food & Drink

St Patrick’s Day is a worldwide celebration which takes place on 17th March each year. The holiday has evolved into a celebration of Irish culture and generally sees people take to the streets to parade, eat authentic Irish food, listen to music, dance and you'll have noticed it involves a lot of green!  

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6 Budget-Friendly Healthy Meals

Posted 04 March 2022 in Health & Wellbeing, Food & Drink

What we eat doesn't just affect our physical health, it can impact our mental health too. Eating regularly, choosing foods that give you slow releasing energy, and incorporating a variety of fruit and vegetables into your diet can often improve your sense of wellbeing and mood.  

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5 Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Posted 28 February 2022 in Health & Wellbeing, Food & Drink

Are you looking for a natural source of energy or want to liven up your breakfast? Why not try whizzing up a smoothie! 


Buddha Bowls - three quick & easy recipes

Posted 24 June 2019 in Food & Drink

What’s not to love about a Buddha bowl? Choose your ingredients, throw everything into one jar and you’re ready to go! You can make them as healthy as you like and add your own unique twist to each bowl .

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Five epic food hacks for students

Posted 17 December 2018 in Food & Drink

Five student food hacks for uni-goers who wish they’d listened to their parents

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How to make a thanksgiving meal for £3

Posted 16 November 2017 in Food & Drink

It might just be one month until Christmas, but for those of you studying abroad from across the pond, there’s another date you’re prepping your turkey for. It’s almost Thanksgiving!

Blog Header Halloween Recipes

Spooky Halloween recipes

Posted 30 October 2017 in Food & Drink

These spooky recipes will certainly get you into the Halloween spirit, whether you’re throwing your own Halloween party or making treats with your friends or family for tradition. These are definitely recipes to try!

Blog Header Food Hacks

Food hacks every student needs to know

Posted 19 September 2017 in Food & Drink

Easy food to make and with minimal washing up? Yes, you heard that right!

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Six student food discounts you have to use

Posted 18 September 2017 in Food & Drink

It’s almost Freshers’ Week. Which means a lot of long nights and hours spent milling around in between introduction lectures.

Blog Header Exam Time

You know it's exam time when...

Posted 25 April 2017 in Food & Drink

Exam time - pushing every student to their limits in an attempt to cram an entire semester's worth of learning into a few weeks.