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Dissertation snacks: healthy alternatives

If you’re in your final year, you’ve probably got one thing on your mind right now: your dissertation.

You’re spending hours of your day cooped up in the library’s dark corners. What's more, half of that time is spent walking to and from the vending machines for study snacks.

But what healthy alternatives can you bring with you to help you get through the day?


Bring a handful of almonds with you to your study session and they’ll help you stay full throughout the day. Although, whilst they're a great source of fibre and protein, make sure you don’t overindulge as almonds are high in fat...


Blueberries are classed as a ‘super food’ because they’ll boost your brain power as they’re said to prevent memory loss and increase learning capacity. If not as a snack, add them to your morning porridge and you’ll be ready for the day!

Mixed vegetables

Increase your energy levels by grazing on a mix of your favourite vegetables. Dip your carrots, peppers and celery in some hummus too, helping you to stay full until dinner time.

Tip: if you're a fan of a meal deal, swap your choice of crisps and cake for the small snack bags of carrots and peppers.

Dark chocolate

Usually you have to stop eating chocolate to stay healthy whilst you focus. However, dark chocolate is an exception! In moderation, it can boost your mood so you won't lose motivation half way through your dissertation.

And why not get creative with your snacking with these easy to prepare bites?

Peanut butter energy ball

Want the benefits of a nutty snack whilst feeling like you're having a treat?

Whip up some of these Protein Peanut Butter Energy Bites and you'll be powering through your dissertation in no time.

Roasted chickpeas

If you need an alternative to nibbling on a sharing sized bag of crisps, try this out. Just sprinkle some salt and spices over the chickpeas before roasting in the oven.

Tip: this crunchy snack might be one worth enjoying at home!

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