Resident Feedback


Campus Living Villages (CLV) prioritises the satisfaction, experience, and safety of its residents and communities. While occasional setbacks may occur, we are committed to promptly addressing issues and implementing measures to prevent their recurrence.

This policy lays out the procedures for lodging complaints and concerns with us, as well as our approach to handling them upon receipt.

Building and Fire Safety

CLV prioritise safety obligations at our properties and firmly believe that residents should be well-informed about building and fire safety from the beginning of their stay.

Whilst we remain vigilant in overseeing the safety of our residents and premises, we encourage residents and members of the public to come forward with any significant building and fire safety concerns or incidents that can assist us in fulfilling our obligations.

For a detailed insight into our approach to building and fire safety, please refer to our Resident Engagement Strategy.

For information about how to raise a concern about building and fire safety, please see below.

How to Raise a Complaint or Concern

Building and Fire Safety Complaints or Concerns

Please use the dedicated Building and Fire Safety Notice Form (available here) to report anything relating to concerns or incidents that resulted in, or are likely to result in:

  • Loss of life, serious injuries requiring immediate hospital treatment, or permanent disabling conditions for a significant number of individuals.
  • Fire spread, or failure of critical fire safety measures (such as automatic opening vents, smoke extraction systems, or fire doors).
  • The discovery of structural defects (such as noticing a crack in the brickwork), or structural failure (i.e., the total or partial collapse of the building).

To raise a concern or complaint about any of the above, please use the Building and Fire Safety Notice Form.

For all other complaints or concerns, please see below.

General Complaints

If you have a general concern or complaint that is not detailed in the Building and Fire Safety Complaints or Concerns section above, we believe that the quickest way to resolve matters is to speak to the Village Team onsite.

Please visit the reception to speak to a member of the team or contact them by email or phone (for details, refer to the Contact Us page).

Formal Complaints

IMPORTANT: If you wish to make a complaint relating to the types of concerns detailed in the Building and Fire Safety Complaints or Concerns section above, it is vital that you raise these concerns via the dedicated Building and Fire Safety Notice Form.

For anything else, if you have already raised your concerns with the Village Team or would like to make a more formal complaint, there are two ways you can do this:

  1. Complete the complaint form below.
  2. Call the Customer Contact Village on +44 (0)161 850 6664 – open Monday to Friday, 10am-5pm UK time (excluding Bank Holidays for England and Wales).

When making a complaint, please tell us your name, the village the complaint relates to, and the issue(s) experienced.

Complaint Eligibility

Complaints in relation to living with us can only be made by residents, or someone a resident has given us written consent to be their representative. We are unable to speak to any third party including, parents, guardians, or guarantors about living with us without written consent from a resident.

Complaints about our properties, staff, and/or residents can be made by anyone.

How We Deal Complaints

Upon receipt of a formal complaint:

  • You will receive an acknowledgment of your complaint via email within two working days.
  • The General Manager will conduct a thorough investigation into the raised issue(s).
  • A comprehensive written response will be provided to you by the General Manager within 14 working days*.
  • If you remain dissatisfied with the resolution at this stage, you will receive instructions on how to escalate your complaint further.

* Sometimes investigations can take longer, and the General Manager will keep you updated if there is any expected delay.

All responses from CLV, as described above, are subject to valid contact details being provided within the complaint.

Further Information

We understand that there could be situations where you do not want a complaint to be escalated to the General Manager. In this instance, you should call the Customer Contact Village (details above) or let us know in your complaint description, and we will escalate your complaint accordingly.

Resident Surveys

As part of CLV’s commitment to engaging with residents and ensuring their opinions are valued, there are a variety of surveys for CLV residents to complete at various intervals during their stay.

These surveys play a crucial role in helping CLV pinpoint areas for enhancement, with the ultimate goal of continually enhancing the overall living experience for our residents.

Global Student Living Index

CLV are proud to promote the Global Student Living Index (GSLI) survey. Conducted twice yearly, this survey gathers insights from hundreds of thousands of students across 15 countries on various aspects of their lifestyle and everyday living experience.

Pulse Surveys

Residents are invited to provide real-time feedback after specific interactions with CLV services (e.g., after check-in, or on completion of maintenance requests). These concise surveys can be typically completed in 30-60 seconds and offer invaluable insights into residents' sentiments regarding our services.

Resident Engagement Survey

For residents living in CLV's high-rise properties (i.e., those exceeding 18 meters or seven stories), a Resident Engagement Survey will be available for a three-week period each year. This survey enables residents to provide feedback on critical aspects of their experience with CLV, aiding in the evaluation of communication effectiveness and identification of areas for improvement. Residents will receive email notifications when the survey is accessible. For further details, please refer to our Resident Engagement Strategy.

ANUK Accreditation

We are proud to be an accredited member of the National Code for Non-Educational Establishments.

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