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Six Things to Do in Sutton Bonington as a Student

Posted at 24 April 2023 in Village Life, Food & Drink

#ResidentContentCreator and University of Nottingham student Zuzanna, who lives with us at Bonington Student Village, shares her favourite places to hang out in and around Sutton Bonington Campus. So, keep reading to learn about some great student-friendly spots you need to check out!

1. The Canal 🏞️

This Canal is, without a doubt, my favourite location in Sutton Bonington village itself; it's just so peaceful and picturesque. You can walk from Sutton Bonington Campus to the canal in just 15 minutes and enjoy the views. It’s the perfect place for a walk on a sunny day! ☀️


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2. The Barn 🍹

The Barn is an on-campus bar/ social area. Throughout the day, you can grab a hot drink or a sandwich from the café (check out the menu here), hang out with your friends or do some work.  

Upstairs at the Barn, you can also get a very affordable canteen-style lunch and in the evening, it turns into a bar where you can enjoy a drink and a game of pool- the atmosphere is great. 🎱 

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3. University Park Campus 🏫

The University of Nottingham’s main campus is huge and absolutely stunning. It’s definitely worth checking out!   

You'll certainly not be bored there; grab a coffee or lunch from one of the many cafes on campus, take a walk around the lake, get some UoN merch from the Portland building and visit the David Ross Sports Centre or the library. University Park is also where most of the UoN societies take place. 🌳


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4. Gallery 119 ☕

Gallery 119 is a small café in Sutton Bonington Village that serves great coffee and pastries.  

Although there is the Mulberry café on campus (selling Starbucks 😊), it's sometimes nice to get off campus and walk down to the village which is just a 5-minute walk away and enjoy the vibes of this little independent café. 🥐


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5. Rock City 🤘

Although I'm not a massive fan of clubbing, Rock City is very popular amongst Sutton Bonington students. Especially on ‘Crisis’ Wednesdays!'  

The club is in Nottingham city centre, and you can get there by jumping on the free hopper bus from Sutton Bonington Campus and then the tram into the city. It's around a 50-minute journey from Bonington Student Village. 🎶📀

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6. Sutton Bonington Farmers Market 🚜

The market takes place every first Wednesday of each month, It’s very popular amongst students as well as locals from the village.  

You can get your hands on some delicious baked goods like pastries, cakes, and doughnuts. There are also some tasty street food stalls to check out.  

The great thing about it is that it takes place on campus. So, you can literally grab lunch from one of the stalls between your lectures, which is super convenient! 


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