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Meet Aditri 👋

Posted at 05 May 2023 in Village Life

Meet Aditri, one of our latest Resident Content Creators, living with us at Burley Road. Keep reading to learn more about how Aditri is embracing her new life as an international student from Bhopal living with us at Burley Road, in Leeds. 

Introducing Aditri 💬

Hello everyone! I'm Aditri, a first-year Communications and Media student at the University of Leeds. I recently turned 19, and I’m embracing my life as an international student living in Leeds.  

I'm originally from Bhopal, a town in the heart of India. After living in Bhopal for 17 years, I wanted to leave the city and experience the world outside. So, I moved to a totally different continent! I'm at the end of my first year now, and I can say with certainty that it has been both a challenging yet exhilarating journey.  

I wouldn’t call myself the most intriguing person, but if I had to share a few fun facts about myself, I'd say that I enjoy creating the quirkiest of Spotify playlists, filming and editing random videos, taking pictures, and embarrassing myself at the gym (but hey! I'm trying). 

Why I decided to study at The University of Leeds🎓

Majoring in media has always been something I looked forward to; however, I didn't want to confine myself to a single media discipline, as it’s such a broad subject. This drove me to apply to the University of Leeds's BA Communications and Media Programme, which is both well-regarded and flexible, because it allows me to select discovery modules, which makes my degree way more exciting and worth exploring. For instance, I'm currently doing a really cool module from the School of Music called Discourse and Debates in Popular Music and Culture.  

One of my favourite aspects of the course is that I have a placement module in my final year, which will allow me to gain industry experience even before I graduate! 

Aside from the education, the university facilities and infrastructure are outstanding - the main campus and university libraries are magnificent. 

The atmosphere is welcoming and safe, and the university staff go above and beyond to help you at every turn. Every other day, there is some unique activity happening at the university. But my personal favourite is, spotting adorable little bunnies running around the campus! 

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Why I chose to live at Burley Road 📍

Surprisingly, living at Burley Road was a spur-of-the-moment decision, as I applied for university housing but failed to get my chosen accommodation. And to be honest, I'm thankful I didn't, as this is what led me to believe that everything happens for a reason.  

I looked for private student accommodation and discovered Burley Road. The price was incredibly reasonable for en-suite, self-catering living with all-inclusive living. Furthermore, the Campus Living Villages portal makes keeping track of bills so simple that it's never a chore! 

Everything about Burley Road is great, including the team, the amenities, and the Village Life Events - my favourite one still being the time we had raccoons, snakes, and crocodiles over.

The entire facility is well-maintained, and assistance is available 24 hours a day. Even if you get stuck outside your flat at 3am there’s always someone to help you out. 

The location is ideal, too, with The University of Leeds campus only a 12-minute walk. You also have a local Domino's, Co-op, and Tesco nearby, which is really convenient. The city centre is also within reach, which is definitely an advantage. Residents at Burley Road also love that there is an incredible British-Asian restaurant just behind the accommodation, and Archives, one of my favourite cafes in the city, is only a four-minute walk away.  

Oh, and how could I possibly overlook the best part? Aldi, a lifesaver for students trying to cut shopping costs, is just a 20-minute walk from Burley Road and right next to it is next is the place you'll probably find me almost every morning - the gym! 

Life at the Village 🏡

In eight months, I've created the fondest memories at Burley Road alongside my four other flatmates, who have become my family away from home! I will always treasure the little things, from watching the most breath-taking sunsets from our kitchen window to the day when residents celebrated Holi (also known as the festival of colours) in the snow. 

The village has a strong sense of community, and the Village Life Events offer a wonderful opportunity to meet new people. Additionally, you usually get a tonne of freebies and food, which is always a plus. 

Living at Burley is undoubtedly one of the best decisions I've made, and I'm excited to make new memories during my second year here! 

My top tips and advice 💡 

  • Get out of your comfort zone: University isn't going to be a bed of roses, but it will allow you to step outside of your comfort zone, meet new people, explore, and learn new things. Simply said, learn to say yes to opportunities and spontaneous plans. Do what excites you! 
  • Join Societies: There are countless societies at the University of Leeds, ranging from sports to a Taylor Swift society! It's a fantastic chance to meet people with similar interests and make friends outside of your course. 
  • Take out time for yourself: I understand that your first year can be overwhelming, so make time for yourself and devote time to care for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 
  • You’re not alone: And lastly, remember that you're not alone. There will be days when you feel anxious or lonely but be assured that you are not the only one. Trust the process; things will only get better from here. Live your university life like you are the main character! 😉 

If you're looking for student accommodation in Leeds check out our rooms available at Burley Road. 

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Meet Aditri 👋

Posted at 05 May 2023 in Village Life

Get to know Aditri, one of our newest Resident Content Creators, who lives with us at Burley Road.