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What's on offer at Burley Road

Cluster Room

Cluster Room

Cluster Room (Accessible)

Cluster Room (Accessible)

Studio Apartment

Studio Apartment

Studio (Accessible)

Studio (Accessible)

Free fortnightly kitchen clean!

Our Burley Road accommodation is the place to be if you’re studying in Leeds.

In the very centre of the city, this property is found near to Leeds Beckett University as well as the University of Leeds so you can make your commute your way, whether that’s jumping on a bus or taking a leisurely stroll. As you’re also within walking distance of Leeds city centre you’ll be able to explore the local hotspots whenever you feel like it. With endless shops, interesting markets and classic arcades as well as 16 museums and galleries, Leeds will never get boring. While the bars and eateries surrounding your new home will ensure you’ve always got somewhere new to go.

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Included in cost

  • All rent and energy costs fixed
  • 24/7 Security
  • Contents insurance
  • Accessible rooms
  • Free events
  • Fortnightly kitchen clean
  • Furniture and private study space
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  • Common room
  • Bike storage
  • Laundry facilities
  • City centre
  • Free Wi-Fi
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Explore your new neighbourhood

Leeds is increasingly being recognised as one of the biggest and best student cities in the UK, and Burley Road is your home in the middle of this. Local to the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University, you’ll be where it all comes together. 

If you want to explore the rest of the city, cheap and reliable buses are available with routes taking you far and wide. With countless points of interest, Leeds has something to find around every corner. 

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Hear what other residents have to say

"Love living here! Refurbished rooms are amazing and my flatmates are so nice. 10 minutes walk to Uni and Tesco down the road."

"I stayed here this year and I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Always clean. Staff are extremely friendly. Especially Adam, he cannot do enough for you. 5 stars from me"

"I have lived at Burley Road for two consecutive years within two different blocks. The room size is large and the decorations are of a high standard; i am in a refurbished room this year and the laminate floor and surfaces are so easily manageable..."

"My experience living in Burley CLV has been great and hopefully it’s gonna be the same next year as well. Staff and all the residents are very friendly and helpful and easy to get along."

"Indeed one of the finest student accommodations in the town. Before coming here, I was recommended about this place from previous residents. They're providing us with the best services related to student housing, there are events throughout the ye..."

"My experience here has been pretty good. The common room is pretty small considering the amount of people living here, but it has comfortable furniture and plenty of things to do inside. The laundry room has a sufficient number of washing machines..."

"Highly impressed with the services"

"An excellent and safe location with a large range of amenities and close to key facilities."

"Everything is on point. Staff is freindly and response time is pretty good. Regular electrical equipment checks. The fact they attend to almost any problem one has."

"Very well equipped accommodation in every aspects security cleaning and the staff with the proper assistance in every situation."

"home, it’s absolutely home now
i’d 10/10 recommend it"

"Great acoustics in the stairwell. Good staff help too. Laundry can be hit or miss - recently there’s been lots of problems. But otherwise great value for money Student accommodation."

"Overall experience is good, management is quick in resolving issues. Just one thing. I feel the need of a gym"

"It's a very good accomodation, which is very close to my university. Clean and managed properly."

"Great place to stay in as an international student. Safe"

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Your safety is our priority

Your safety is our priority

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Want to report an issue?

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We are accredited National Code members

We are accredited National Code members

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