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Short stays

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We offer flexible durations to suit your requirements at competitive rates. Might want to extend your stay for longer ? No problem.  You can add on more weeks easily, subject to availability.

Extend your stay

Current residents can extend their bookings for up to eight weeks from as little as £13.50 per night*. Take time out to enjoy your summer and explore your surroundings. Travelling abroad for the summer and need a hassle-free option of storing your belongings? Planning to return to the village in September? Whatever the reason, we would love to see you stay with us for longer.

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Extend price per night from*:

Albert Court £15.50
Bonington Student Village £13.50
Burley Road £16.00
Chesil House £19.50
Chesterman House £29.00
Cranborne House £18.50
Fitzroy & Wenlock Courts £14.00
John Lester & Eddie Colman Courts £14.50
Lyme Regis House £21.00
McMillan Student Village £23.50
Newport Student Village £13.50
Okeford House £19.50
Peel Park Quarter £19.50
Prince Consort Village £25.00
Raymont Hall £27.00
Rusholme Place £20.00
Surrey House £21.50

*Rates relate to bookings from July 2022.

Enjoy a Stu-cation

New to Campus Living Villages or interested in booking a different location? Take advantage of convenient, self-catered accommodation that’s excellent value for money. Visit one of our 10 locations across the UK with prices starting from just £22.50 per night*. You’ll benefit from all of our great facilities and amenities such as laundry rooms, gyms, and social spaces.

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Stu-cation rate per night from:

Albert Court, Liverpool £23.00
Arena Village, Leeds £30.50
Bonington Student Village, Sutton Bonington £25.00
Burley Road, Leeds £25.50
Chesil House, Bournemouth £28.00
Cranborne House, Bournemouth £27.00
Fitzroy & Wenlock Courts, Luton £24.00
John Lester & Eddie Colman Courts, Salford £22.50
Lyme Regis House, Bournemouth £29.00
McMillan Student Village, London £33.50
Newport Student Village, Newport £23.00
Peel Park Quarter, Salford £28.00
Prince Consort Village, London £37.00
Raymont Hall, London £41.00
Rusholme Place, Manchester £29.50
Surrey House, London £30.00


*Rates relate to bookings from July 2022. Selected locations only.

Terms and conditions apply.

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