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What’s on offer at Albert Court

Cluster Room

Brand new, fully refurbished on-site gym exclusively for residents!

Our Liverpool accommodation is located in the heart of the city centre, with Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Liverpool just a short walk away.

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AL4 4190 v2
AL4 4190 v2

No matter which university you’re attending, you’ll be in a great location. Our Liverpool student village has affordable room options, no matter your price range. You’ll find it convenient living here thanks to an on-site supermarket as well as laundry facilities. 

If you need to travel out of the area, Liverpool Lime Street rail station is just a 10-minute walk away. Albert Court Liverpool is also popular with student nurses who are on placement at Royal Liverpool University Hospital, which is just a four-minute walk away.

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AL4 4190 v2
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Included in cost

  • All rent and energy costs fixed
  • 24/7 Security
  • Free events
  • Contents insurance
  • Accessible rooms
  • Furniture and private study space
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  • Common room
  • Free gym open 24/7
  • Laundry facilities
  • City centre
  • Bike storage
  • On-site parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
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Explore your new neighbourhood

A short walk from the University, coast, and city centre, Albert Court gives three great opportunities every day. If you’re ever looking to travel further, there are also buses and Merseyside’s own Merseyrail, which goes around the entire county. 

With both natural and urban atmospheres to investigate, Albert Court puts you in a fantastic location to discover both with ease. All kinds of shops, museums, and independent venues are available to offer intimate and expansive experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. 

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Albert court

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Hear what other residents have to say

"Albert court has been a great place to stay in first year, it is a walking distance from town and uni campus. From the welcoming staff at the door to the friends I got to meet in different blocks I couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay."

"A great place to students to stay. Staff are really warm and welcoming and always helpful."

"Very good, and nice student atmosphere"

"Lovely staff good location in city"

"Great stay, have been well looked after. Staff are very friendly and helpful."

"Is great. Staff are wonderful."

"Staff are extremely helpful. Clean and great value for money. Social area is great and made many new friends"

"Dave has the nest Customer service I have ever knows"

"Pretty good so far. Been here for 3 years now and going into my final year it’s been a great place to live"

"Good staff, good building, social spaces are good"

"good position, not far from campus and city center, and has a lidl just across street. stuffs are all kind. Social space is clean"

"Generally very good. Very friendly staff"

"Have stayed here for three years. Can hands down say with my time in Liverpool no other accommodation competes, the staff have been so accommodating and been there for me through so many ups and downs, they have almost became family. The social ev..."

"I’ve gave this place 5 stars all round. The value for my bronze room is well worth it and I’m a 5 minute walk to UoL. There’s always refreshments and snacks downstairs and most importantly unlimited tea and coffee so I’m well chuffed. Woul..."

"I love Alby Court, up the C block!"

"Amazing accommodation and staff service"

"Changed my life in a better way. The people I met both in terms of stuff and peers really helped me to get through hard times and challenges in Uni. I highly recommend this place, more like a family rather than accommodation!"

"I really recommend Albert Court, the rooms are spacious and the kitchen is a good size. The staff are amazing, if you have a problem they are always welcome to help you and fix the problem. The wifi is also amazing and fast, and the location is so..."

"Lovely staff who are always welcoming and friendly making Albert court feel like home!
Special mention Kieran and Jane they always helps me so much with any of my issues!!"

"Good social interactions with good and well spaced rooms with a wide range of facilities"

"the staff are lovely and there is a wide range of activities available"

"Albert court is a great place to stay. Really close to the university campus and since being here for over a year now decided to stay for third year. It’s very clean and has great social spaces with lots of great people."

"Albert Court is an amazing place to stay; with extremely friendly and helpful staff always on hand, social areas with plenty of things to do, high quality facilities, and spacious rooms/living areas"

"Location is good and near all the main universities in liverpool. Manager is very kind, most of the staff are very kind. Had a problem with one roommate but the manger solved it very fairly and ideally. Gym is good. The people giving 1 star review..."

"Great staff. Welcoming and always eager to help"

"A nice place, has amazing staff on day and night too!"

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Upcoming Events

See what's happening at Albert Court


Albert Court's Christmas Party

Village: Albert Court Location: Common room Start Time: 6:00PM 05 December 2023

Ready to get in the Christmas spirit?!

Our party will have you feeling jolly in no time 🎅


Village Pyjama Party

Village: Albert Court Location: Common Room Start Time: 6:00PM 29 November 2023

Don't miss out on the ultimate chill-out session.


Board Game Extravaganza

Village: Albert Court Start Time: 6:00PM 14 December 2023

Gather your friends for an evening filled with fun, strategy, and competition!


Christmas Films and Snacks!

Village: Albert Court Location: Common Room Start Time: 6:00PM 19 December 2023

Come and join us for a chilled afternoon watching Christmas films and eating some festive snacks.

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