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What's on offer at Albert Court

Cluster Room

Cluster Room

Brand new, fully refurbished on-site gym exclusively for residents!

Our Liverpool accommodation is located in the heart of the city centre, with Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Liverpool just a short walk away.

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AL4 4190 v2
AL4 4190 v2

No matter which university you’re attending, you’ll be in a great location. Our Liverpool student village has affordable room options, no matter your price range. You’ll find it convenient living here thanks to an on-site supermarket as well as laundry facilities. 

If you need to travel out of the area, Liverpool Lime Street rail station is just a 10-minute walk away. Albert Court Liverpool is also popular with student nurses who are on placement at Royal Liverpool University Hospital, which is just a four-minute walk away.

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AL4 4190 v2
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Included in cost

  • All rent and energy costs fixed
  • 24/7 Security
  • Free events
  • Contents insurance
  • Accessible rooms
  • Furniture and private study space
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  • Common room
  • Free gym open 24/7
  • Laundry facilities
  • City centre
  • Bike storage
  • On-site parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
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Explore your new neighbourhood

A short walk from the University, coast, and city centre, Albert Court gives three great opportunities every day. If you’re ever looking to travel further, there are also buses and Merseyside’s own Merseyrail, which goes around the entire county. 

With both natural and urban atmospheres to investigate, Albert Court puts you in a fantastic location to discover both with ease. All kinds of shops, museums, and independent venues are available to offer intimate and expansive experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. 

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Hear what other residents have to say

"The staff are so friendly and helpful, always go above and beyond. Kieran and Lindsay are great managers. The rooms are a great size, I wish the bathroom was a little better, specifically the shower, water sprays out from under the curtain and soa..."

"The accommodation has a great space, view and the staff are very friendly and helpful. Even the cleaning services are wonderful. The maintenance are superb."

"Nice place to live. Staff very friendly."

"Met a load of people here amd they are all great people, including the students and staff"

"Everything is well but I have been having trouble with my flatmates that are messy and dirty"

"Great value for money and has everything you could need. Staff are very helpful and friendly."

"The best accommodation in the entire Liverpool. SUPERBB staff is very friendly. Also, the amenities here are value for money overall a very good place for a student to live."

"The best receptionist (lauren) in the whole wide world , treats us with a smile and is always kind and passionate . The best person to talk to when you feel sad ."

"Amazing accommodation with a good experience and great staff"

"All good, the stuff are so nice"

"Staff always goes above and beyond to ensure stay is as comfortable as possible."

"So far so good! Thanks for all the officers!"

"Good size rooms for uni accommodation, and good location to university and inner city"

"Everything is perfect!!!! I live the best time of my life"

"Very nice accommodation to stay at. The staff are very friendly."

"I think first aid kits should be available for all students."

"Friendly staff, very helpful, very spacious and healthy environment"

"Good place. Shops close nearby. Nice ambience and people working here"

"Lovely accommodation, perfect location: close to city centre but not right in the bustle of it"

"Good, staff are friendly, good location, close to shops and town."

"It’s been good at a prime location with easy accessibility to everywhere."

"love it so much!!! my room is so spacious and everyone is friendly"

"Great location near University of Liverpool. Just 5 min walk"

"This dormitory stands out for its exceptional combination of modern amenities, spacious living conditions, and a vibrant community atmosphere. Located conveniently near campus facilities, it offers easy access to academic buildings, libraries, and..."

"Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at this accommodation. The staff are so receptive and helpful, the location is perfect for a student. Plus they do multiple social events to keep you engaged"

"Overall a very good student accommodation. What I appreciate the most is that staff has genuine commitment and care for their jobs. Day and night staff both pay great detail to what students need or the problems what they might have. All problems ..."

"The staff in Albert court are very attending, my cold tap wasn’t working in the kitchen and the front desk helped immediately"

"This accommodations is brilliant but the Wi-Fi"

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Your safety is our priority

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We are accredited National Code members

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