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Ideal accommodation choice for convenient student living.

Bonington Student Village is the perfect accommodation choice for students at Nottingham or Loughborough universities. Enjoy a relaxed environment with quick access to nearby towns and Nottingham city centre.

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ebun oluwole Mpek xpTcTU unsplash
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The Village is nestled next to shops, a supermarket and a sports centre, as well as ample outdoor space for you to enjoy around campus.

Located on the University of Nottingham's Sutton Bonington campus and with a free bus to the Nottingham Park campus, this is the ideal accommodation for students studying at the University of Nottingham, especially those studying veterinary medicine or bioscience.

Students from Nottingham Trent University and Loughborough University also choose to live with us and travel to and from their universities easily thanks to convenient public transport links.

Nottingham Trent University students studying at Clifton campus can take advantage of the free hopper bus, taking just 15 minutes. Students studying in the city centre, please be advised that this would require two free hopper buses and would take between 40 - 50 minutes in total. Loughborough University students studying at the main campus can use the Skylink bus service which takes 27 minutes.

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ebun oluwole Mpek xpTcTU unsplash
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All inclusive rooms

  • Rent, bills, furniture included
  • 24/7 Security
  • Free events
  • Contents insurance
ALP 6457


  • Common room
  • Bike storage
  • Laundry facilities
  • Countryside location
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • On-site parking, apply through the University
  • Dedicated blocks for returning undergraduates
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Explore your new neighbourhood

Find yourself in a local community with beautiful views and a serene atmosphere to walk and relax in. Right by the University of Nottingham’s Sutton Bonington Campus, there’s also direct access to a variety of social areas that you can explore in the company of other students. These include a short walk to the student’s own bar, common rooms, library, and gym. 

Beyond the tranquillity of Bonington’s backdrop, there are also buses to Nottingham and Loughborough for days out. With the options of a bigger town and city to explore, you can always take comfort in having a quiet home to come back to. 

Explore the area
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Don't just take it from us

Hear what other residents have to say

"not too bad, pretty decent, nice room yeah"

"Ive had a lovely time here, the receptionist is amazing and so helpful. I would recommend"

"Good location, decent price, lots of events pit on. Communal spaces are good. Very convenient and problems are always fixed very quickly."

"there's been multiple issues with the accommodation but staff have usually been quick to fix"

"Great location, on the doorstep of campus. Staff very friendly and willing to help at all times."

"Staff are very friendly and helpful and the accommodation is nice and well-maintained"

"Very happy at SB and the staff are lovely"

"It’s been great. Good social events. Solve your problems quite well"

"Absolutely great place I love the campus it’s so lovely and wonderful."

"It’s close to the university vet school. My room is also quite big. Everyone is friendly and the staff are very helpful. The washing machine’s are a bit expensive. I’m quite happy living here"

"Really good safe environment, good facilities and support from officd"

"Very good location, the staff is lovely"

"Very good, nice staff, good facility's"

"Good, very good, quite good, exceptional"

"Comfortable, great student social experiences, love the outdoor seating areas, great maintenance, such friendly and helpful staff, love the countryside location"

"Safe and welcoming environment, maintenance is generally good, CLV staff are friendly and helpful."

"Having decided to remain here on campus in CLV accommodation for 3 years now I would definitely say that I would recommend it to anyone considering. Management is on the ball with evey enquiry. The rooms are spacious and with the exception of some..."

"Nice place to live, clean, friendly staff"

"The accommodation is well managed with lots of social opportunities and lots of free food!"

"It’s been amazing! Very lovely staff as well!"

"Very good but I've had a few WiFi issues"

"Very good but the wifi is patchy"

"Love my flat mates
Any issues that occur are fixed fairly promptly
CLV staff are very approachable"

"Lovely staff and good experience overall"

"I love the location of my location here, great outdoor spaces. Could do with some bbqs by I block etc as they are only around A block.."

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Festive Roll

Village: Bonington Student Village Location: Stanford Common Room Start Time: 3:00PM 08 December 2023

Traditional Christmas Rolls

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Christmas Gift Bags

Village: Bonington Student Village Location: Bonington Student Village Reception Start Time: 9:00AM 20 December 2023

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