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5 Ways to Celebrate St Patrick's Day

Posted at 14 March 2022 in Food & Drink

St Patrick’s Day is a worldwide celebration which takes place on 17th March each year. The holiday has evolved into a celebration of Irish culture and generally sees people take to the streets to parade, eat authentic Irish food, listen to music, dance and you'll have noticed it involves a lot of green!  

The day commemorates the anniversary of the death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, and has been observed as a religious holiday for over 1,000 years.

Whether you’re Irish or not, anyone can participate in St Patrick’s Day celebrations! We’ve compiled five ways to help you celebrate the most Irish day of the year. 

Attend a Village Life event 

There’s plenty for you to get involved with this St Patrick’s Day at some of our Villages. Whether you want to try your first Shamrock Shake, taste an Irish inspired green mocktail or tuck into some traditional snacks and drinks, head to our Village Life Events page to see what’s happening at your Village.   

See what celebrations are happening near you 

Although St Patrick’s Day is not a public holiday in England, many cities still host parades, with the largest being London’s St Patrick’s Day Festival. But don’t worry if there isn’t one happening in your city, events run up and down the country, and your local Irish pub is a great place to start to see what’s taking place near you.   

Eat some traditional Irish food 

Traditionally, boiled bacon, potatoes, and soda bread was eaten on St Patrick’s Day. Whether you’re celebrating by yourself or with your flatmates, food is a great place to start. If you fancy celebrating by cooking up a storm, why not have a go at recreating a few of these authentic Irish recipes.   

Go green 

There are a few reasons people choose to wear green on St Patrick’s Day. One is because of Ireland’s nickname, The Emerald Isle, another being to represent the green stripe in the Irish flag.   

Dressing up is an easy and affordable way to get into the spirit, so get digging out your best green t-shirt! 

Get baking 

If you’re feeling experimental and fancy some green-themed foods, why not try a touch of baking? Check out these delicious St Patrick’s Day inspired desserts for some inspiration.

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