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Eight alternative ways to celebrate Christmas Day

Posted at 20 December 2017

Don’t fancy spending another year with all your relatives watching another Christmas special set on Albert Square or Coronation Street? Why not try these alternative ways to celebrate the big day?

1. Volunteer at your local food bank, homeless shelter or charity

They can always do with extra hands and it is a great way to contribute and give back to the community and to all come together on the day of celebrating.

2. Go to church

Most people relate Christmas day to the birth of Jesus, so what better way to celebrate that connection than attending a service?

3. Help to look after a four legged friend at a pet’s home

They can do with the extra help (sadly lots of pets get abandoned around Christmas time) and what a great way to spend Christmas around animals and pets by doing some good for people that need help.

4. Take a trip

Why not spend Christmas somewhere different this year? Places like Chester, Bath and Dover have some beautiful sights; you can explore these attractions while it’s quiet and get some fresh air.

5. Attend a Christmas concert

This will help to boost your festive cheer and it’s great for a good Christmas sing along too.

6. Go for a country walk or bike ride

The streets will be quiet and what a nice way to spend Christmas morning and will help you to feel fresh and ready for the day.

7. Spoil yourself at home

Binge watch all of your favourite Christmas movies back to back and eat whatever you like and feel guilt free.

8. Family tradition 

If you have any family traditions that you do every year that you enjoy doing why not carry on celebrating in that way, maybe with friends who are still sticking around your Village too?

Relax, enjoy and have fun however you decide to spend your day. Merry Christmas!

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