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Five essentials to add to your study space

Posted at 15 January 2018

Where do you normally study? Is it in bed your laptop balanced on your knees with a hand in a bag of Doritos? You might want to reconsider your study space… Here are some of the essential items to add to your desk (not bed) space this exam period.

1. Stationary supplies on demand

Load up on the essentials to help you to stay organised. Pens, pencils, paper, staplers and highlighters are all a must while studying. Don’t use ‘I just need to pop to the shop for a new pen’ as a procrastination excuse.

2. Add a clock

Time your studying and allow yourself a break, it’s more affective if you work for an hour and have a 10 minutes’ break, then repeat. Make a cup of tea, have a stretch, just remember to actually go back and continue to study, even though it’s very tempting to crawl back into bed and have a nap!

3. Sticky notes

Find out how you study best whether that’s reading out loud your notes or sticking notes all over your room as a visual study aid (and some people even put them in the bathroom to study while taking a shower… each to their own!).

4. Headphones

This is not for everyone, however if you study best while playing your favourite songs and having a sing along, why not sing your heart out! Certain songs can actually remind you of the notes that you have learnt for that section.

And finally…

5. Be comfy

Wherever you decide to study in the library at uni or in your own room, make sure you are comfortable, as let’s face it you will be there for a while so you might as well make yourself at home. If you need to stand up while studying and walk around do that too, you could find this works for you and helps you to focus even more.​