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Top tips on spending your money wisely

Posted at 14 January 2018

First step's first, how to manage your money...

- Make a monthly budget - and try to stick to it!

- If you overspend on something, don’t just pretend it never happened! Make up the costs by not buying something else you had planned to.

- When your loan comes in, split the money into the number of weeks it’s supposed to last you. This way you’ll have an idea of the weekly budget (making it easier to remember).

- Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. There are advice services at your university and your Village Team are here to help you out, too.

- Avoid taking out additional loans! Many have high interest rates and you will only be adding to your debt.

- Find a part-time job (and don't worry if you're unsure about your timetable, many offer flexible hours for students. Just ask!).

- Pay rent and bills (mobile phone, TV license) on time. You don't want to end up having to play catch up.

And then (when you inevitably splurge a little in the shops and, probably, your local takeaway) to make some cut backs...

- Go for one big supermarket shop a week rather than getting bits and pieces. Those sneaky chocolate bars from the corner shop soon add up

- Never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, you'll end up with much more than you'd budgeted for.

- Go shopping in places where they offer student discounts - check our UNiDAYS to see what your Student ID can get you!

- Cook with your flat mates whenever you can. Often you’ll be cooking too much for one person anyway and this way you can split the cost of ingredients.

- When you go out, take a limited amount of cash with you and leave your card at home. This will stop you from overspending after one too many drinks...

- If you like shopping at a particular chain, try to get a job there! Many offer significant discounts for employees.

- Use apps like mySupermarket or VoucherCodes to find the best prices for your shopping or dinner out.

- If you really need to buy books, look for older or electronic editions rather than buying them brand new. Especially if you've got a pretty hefty reading list!

- Find fun things to do for free. We’ve got lots of activities at our villages for you to enjoy through our Village Life programme. Check out what’s going on at your village by popping down to Reception!