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Five ways to beat Blue Monday as a student

Forget Blue Monday – January is no fun for students. Revision, exams, the long wait until student loan payment day.

It’s not hard to see why we’re all struggling extra when getting up lately. Blue Monday (and no, we don’t mean YO! Sushi’s weekly discounts on a Monday) is the third Monday of every January.

Whether you’re not feeling great about your exams, or you’re really going through a tough time, here are some ways to ease yourself into this week. Blue Monday or not, January is hard, and looking after yourself is important.

1) Get yourself a hearty, healthy breakfast.

We know, your mum was always saying breakfast is the most important meal of the day *eyerollemoji*. But it’s true.

Not only will you be topping up on some all-important energy, you’ll keep those stomach rumbles at bay. A morning not spent wishing it was lunchtime already will go much quicker.

Best breakfasts for a revision diet? Eggs, peanut butter and fresh fruit (just not all at once…).

2) Stretch

Wake up feeling stressed, or anxious? Apps like Breathe2Relax and Headspace are designed to help you take a little time out.

Quick breathing exercises and meditation can help you get in the right frame of mind for the day ahead.

3) Set out your plan for the day ahead.

Going to the library? Doing a bit of shopping? Write down what you want to do today, and stick to it.

Avoid distractions in the form of work that doesn’t need doing yet, things you don’t need to buy and that Netflix show that will still be there later.

Plan your priorities, and reward yourself when you get them done! Stay realistic and focused (one task at a time!) and you’re in for a productive day.

4) Get dressed and ready for the day.

It’s tempting to keep your sweatpants on. You might not feel at your full energy levels if you’re too cosy though. Make sure you swap your PJs for something that you won’t feel like falling asleep in again!

Have a morning shower, pop some fresh clothes on, and get ready to take on Monday.

5) Allow yourself some downtime.

A plan to spend an hour enjoying lunch, seeing friends, reading a book will help you recharge. A solid session in the library can be tiring – give yourself a break. You’ll feel better about returning to your textbook after lunch.

Throughout the day don’t forget to take a quick break every 90 minutes. Your brain needs a break (from whatever you’re doing). Take a walk or a quick nap – something where you can totally switch off.​

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