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Six New Year's resolutions for students

Posted at 04 January 2018

So, you've already not stuck to your resolutions of going to the gym at least 3 times a week and eating more fruit. And it's only Week One of 2018.

New Year's resolutions are notoriously hard to stick to. Probably because we usually get over-excited (perhaps due to the leftover effects of Prosecco?) at the thought of #NewYearNewMe.

If you've made it four days into the new year without breaking your self-made promises - well done. But, if like the rest of us secretly eating snacks and having 'just one night' off revision, then maybe it's time to reassess your goals.

Here are some student-friendly resolutions you'll find it *just* challenging enough to stick to.

  1. Drink smarter on nights out

This year's first semester might be a blur. A blur of new people, new information and, well, just a blur where you can't *quite* remember what happened last night.Tired of waking up with a killer headache? Of having to borrow lectures notes for ones you've slept through? The NUS have some tops tips on pacing your drinking. Some of them include alternating alcoholic drinks with water, and eating is not cheating...

2. Learn some money saving tips (so you can go on that summer holiday)

It's not too late to save up for that travelling you want to do this summer. With 6 whole months to go, if you save £100 a month (with a little help from some of these part-time jobs) you'll have £600 in the bank spare for summer fun. If you've got no time for a job, download a few apps to help you manage your finances and save money.

3. Do one new thing a month

Uni is about way more than just the degree you're studying for (even though that is the most important, obvs). You have almost endless time to try something new - a class, society, cooking a new dish. Try one new thing a month and you could meet some great people, and skills to your CV and find something you love doing!

4. Call your family or friends more regularly. 

You have heaps of deadlines and lots of nights out planned, but a quick time out to catch up with home can make you feel less stressed and homesick (we all get it sometimes). Chatting to your mates from home more often will end the random messages once a month that start 'sorry, I've just been SO busy, how are you?'.

5. Make easy healthy food switches

We know - it's not realistic (or healthy) or be cutting out food groups and down on calories. All dayers in the library are just *not* possible without a steady flow of snacks.If you're doing well not having pizza for most meals, think about cutting back on too much junk food (I mean, obviously not ALL...). Check out these healthy snacks alternatives to munch on whilst you revise.

6. Go on daily walks

Why spend all that money on a gym membership you might only use twice? Shape says that a 30-minute walk a day can do wonders for your health. This includes keeping you calm and helping digestion. Get walking! And yes, walking anywhere can count...

Good luck, and Happy New Year everyone!​