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Quiz: How good are you at managing money?

Posted at 28 January 2018

It's not easy to manage your money, especially if you haven't had to do it before.

When your student loan first hit your bank account it was like your birthday and Christmas combined - SO. MUCH. MONEY. You probably realised pretty quickly that certain amounts of money don't actually go that far...

Find out if you're as good (or bad) as you think you are with your money, and see our tips on improving your views on your finances:

1. Student loan comes in and your first thought is…
A) Time to go shopping!
B) I enjoy a meal out or a few drinks then make sure I keep on top of my spending for most of the term.
C) No penny will go to waste! I make sure I have a budget I can stick to.

2. It’s only just past the middle of term and your loan hasn’t lasted as long as you thought it would. You…
A) Don’t really mind. You know your parents will help you out if things get really rough.
B) Avoid going out for a while. You know that's where most of your money ends up going...
C) Get a job as soon as you can. You can’t believe you ended up in this situation!

3. Your friends want to go on holiday during your next break in a couple of months. You don’t really have the money. You:
A) Beg your parents for some money.
B) Get a part time job ASAP and try to save as much as you can.
C) Say no. There’s no point in struggling for months just for a few days of fun (right?!).

4. You’re sticking to your new year resolutions this year. You decide to get into better shape by...
A) Getting new workout clothes and sign up to the closest gym (no matter how expensive). You want to make sure you will actually go and this is the motivation you need.
B) Doing your research to see which is the closest gym with reasonable prices and what you get included (free classes? Sign me up!). You don’t want to spend too much.
C) Working out at home! Why pay for a gym membership when you can exercise outside or at home for free?

5. When you go food shopping, you…
A) Don’t really do that too often. It’s easier to order in!
B) Go to the nearest supermarket with a general idea of what you need. You'll figure the rest out when you get there.
C) Carefully write a shopping list. You also have compared prices in different supermarkets so you know where to find all the best deals.

6. It’s your friend’s birthday! You…
A) Buy them something rather expensive, but you know they’ll definitely like it. It's a one off occasion!
B) Take them out for a nice meal and drinks. You’ve both wanted to try out that new restaurant for so long!
C) Talk to your group of friends about buying something together. You'll all only need to put in a couple of pounds so you save a bit of money.

Did you get...

Mostly As
You might think you’re great with money, but you’re really not… You live life to the fullest and do the first things that come to your mind, with no extra thought to how your finances are doing. You always struggle when your loan inevitably runs out. Remember, your parents may not always be willing to step in!

We suggest trying some money saving and budgeting apps and giving our helpful tips a read – you may find out stuff you wouldn’t have thought of!

Mostly Bs
You get worried when you run out of cash, but don’t really think about it much until it's too late. Try to include small ways of saving money throughout the year, not only when you’re running low!

Pick up some tips on budgeting and make sure you don't start doing them after you're already pinching pennies. Get a plan together now for your next loan payment!

Mostly Cs
You’re extremely good with your money. You have no problems with budgeting and saving for the future. That’s great, but remember you should have fun while you’re at university! At least every once in a while...

If you still want to avoid splurging, try the voucher apps in the money saving apps guide – you can have fun while being cheap too!

And (on a more serious note), if you've realised you might need a bit of extra help, if you're going through financial problems or need a little advice, speak to a member of your Village Team or contact your university’s advice service.