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The types of people you'll see on results day

Posted at 09 August 2017

It might be one of the last times you see these people again. And, if they're some of the below types, you're probably not going to be too sad about that.

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Six top tips to stay calm on results day

Posted at 09 August 2017 in Health & Wellbeing

The countdown for results day has officially begun! So here are some top tips how to stay calm and reduce the nerves...

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Finding accommodation during clearing

Posted at 07 August 2017

Whether you’ve had a change of plans due to Clearing or Adjustment, finding last minute student accommodation is a stressful and pretty big decision.

Blog Header Guide To London

The student guide to moving to london

Posted at 01 August 2017

Starting university is one of the most exciting and daunting times in your life – even more so if you’re heading to the busy Capital for your studies.

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Being a young adult carer at university

Posted at 26 July 2017

There are approximately 375,000 Young Adult Carers, between 14 - 25 years old, in the UK.

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What you'll definitely need to bring to uni

Posted at 20 July 2017

You know the basics - your mum's already packed you a first aid kit and you've bought a brand new set of fairy lights.

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Wimbledon: make watching the match fun

Posted at 13 July 2017

It’s peak British summer – people are wearing shorts when it’s not warm enough, disposable BBQs have been bought and Wimbledon is on.

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A weekend in Barcelona: what to do

Posted at 19 June 2017

Do you want a free weekend away in Barcelona for you and your friends? Find out more here to win a chance of taking you and 5 friends!

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The summer before uni: 'to do' list

Posted at 16 June 2017

It’s your last summer officially living at home. Well, unless you make the reluctant move back after graduation (let’s not think about that yet).

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Why summer in your uni town is the best

Posted at 07 June 2017

There are loads of benefits to not heading back to your home town for the summer. Find out exactly why from reading this article.

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What students really get up to in halls

Posted at 12 May 2017

As we approach the end of another academic year, we get ready to say our goodbyes to old residents and say hello to fresh-faced newbies for their September arrival.