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How to celebrate your exam results in style

Posted at 17 August 2017

Well done you have done it all that hard work and stress is over, so why not celebrate and reward yourself.

Here are some of the ways you can celebrate…

1. Food, food, food

Who doesn’t love a meal out? This will give you the chance to have a good chat with your family or friends and tell them all about the results! Plus, because it’s results day you will be more than likely to be able to choose where you go, so take your pick! If you’re lucky enough you might even get your meal paid for!

2. Shopping spree

Everybody knows that celebrations always call for some serious guilt-free shopping trips. You have worked hard and deserve to treat yourself, It’s probably the only time of the year that you can go wild in the shops and feel pretty good about it! After all, you’re celebrating!

3. BBQ

What’s a better way to get all of your family and friends together than a BBQ celebration! We know that the weather in the UK isn’t the most predictable, but there’s bound to be some days that are BBQ proof! Having a BBQ is a fun way to celebrate your results as you can bring everyone together and relax after what has been such a stressful period. Also, if you and your friends are all going your separate ways to different universities, you want to make the most of spending time with them!

4. Spa day

After months of revising and stressing, a spa day is the ideal way to unwind and reward yourself. All the panic and stress over exams and results can take its toll on you and your skin, so treating yourself to a spa day is just what you might need to relax your mind and enhance your general well being.

5. Big night out

It’s time to get your best clothes on and celebrate in style, you’re hitting the town! What better way to congratulate yourself than partying the night away by sipping on cocktails and champagne? After months of your life revolving around exams and revision, it’s time to let loose and go all out! It’s a great way to celebrate your exam results with all your friends!

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