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Wimbledon: make watching the match fun

Posted at 13 July 2017

It’s peak British summer – people are wearing shorts when it’s not warm enough, disposable BBQs have been bought and Wimbledon is on.

If you’ve not managed to bag yourself seats Centre Court, we’ve put together a quick guide to watching the final in style and not get bored (because let's face it, most of us are only interested in tennis for these 3 weeks of the year).

Whip up some tennis themed snacks

One of the most important parts of Wimbledon. You can make tennis themed cocktails (or some Lawn Side Lemonade for non-drinkers). Snacks fit for a winner with these Court-side Cakes and Strawberry Sets. And, most importantly, have a good reason for making such a *racket*...

Check out where is playing the matches on a big screen 

Everything is more fun when it's sunny and you're outside basking (shivering slightly) in the British summer. Here's where you can watch the match outside, which is basically just a good excuse to lounge in a deckchair all weekend.

Lewis Cubitt Square in King's Cross offers free screenings of the matches, complete with deck chairs for whoever gets there early. Old Spitalfields Market even creates it's own 'Wimbledon away from Wimbledon' - find out more about London's outdoor screenings in TimeOut.

Head to First Street by HOME or into Spinningfields to see the match on the big screen - ice cream vans and food a-plenty to keep you going.

Found a good spot outside somewhere else in the UK (or abroad!)? Send us your photos to @CLV_UK on Twitter or tag @campuslivingvillagesuk on Instagram.

Throw a Wimbledon party

The dress code being all white. Obviously. Even better if the party is fancy dress.

Take part in some celebrity spotting

First to see Bradley Cooper, Kate or Wills wins.

Pass the time with some Wimbledon bingo

Whether the match is dragging on or you’ve simply lost interest, fill the time with activities you can only do whilst watching Wimbledon.

Wimbledon bingo, eating as many strawberries as you can and mimicking the players' yells.

Play your own match

Scrunch up some paper and get out the spatulas - there's a new final taking place. Complete with a winner's victory lap of the 'court' (living room), of course.