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The types of people you'll see on results day

Posted at 09 August 2017

It might be one of the last times you see these people again.

And, if they're some of the below types, you're probably not going to be too sad about that. With just a few days to go, you'll need to brace yourself for run-ins with all the following people...

The Ones Taking A Jump-In-The-Air Photo For The Local Paper

They’ll be plastered across your town’s local newspaper in the morning, clutching their results certificates along with an article questioning if exams have got easier.

The One In Complete Shock

They thought they were definitely going to fail Maths. Even the Maths teacher thought they were going to fail Maths. But here they are, staring at their ‘B’ as their parents cheer to each other.

The One Crying In Reception

Or into someone’s arms – everything’s more dramatic on Result’s Day. Even if they got their place at university (or will do through Clearing) they’re starting to regret not taking Study Leave that seriously.

The One Boasting Without Shame

Oh, you weren’t there to hear them find out they’d got three As? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

The Laid-back One

They know they’ve got the grades. Or, they’ve already check UCAS Track and found out they’ve got into uni so don’t really care about the details of how and will take one glance at their results then leave.

The Unnecessary Panic-er

The most annoying person ever. Everyone knows they’re going to a top university; they’ve been top of the class since Year 3. But still they tell everyone how worried they are. They’ll probably also find out they got an A instead of an A* or something and be devastated.

The One Being Shouted At

Their parents have marched them back to the car for a stern talking to. They didn’t try that hard and knew they’d probably look for a new course during Clearing, they just hadn’t told them that.​