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The summer before uni: 'to do' list

Posted at 16 June 2017

It’s your last summer officially living at home.

Well, unless you make the reluctant move back after graduation (let’s not think about that yet).

Soon you’ll be leaving your home town for a full year - living on your own, leaving behind those home-cooked meals and having to keep an eye on your own laundry basket. Whilst you’ll also be moving to a whole lot of fun, new friends and opportunities, the basic stuff doesn’t need to be too daunting.

Here’s how you can make the most of your last summer before uni and make the move easier.

1. Brush up on some basic recipes

Your first week in halls is likely to be a disaster kitchen-wise. The kitchen becomes a space for gathering pre-night out. Or it suffers from too much time spend at orientation lectures or Fresher’s events, too little time spent tidying.

Battle against the infamous Fresher’s Flu by whipping up some of these DIY takeaway ideas.

2. Hang out with your home friends

You’ll start to call the people you’ve known since you were five your ‘home friends’ once you become a student. There will be a moment where you introduce your ‘uni friends’ to your ‘home friends’ and realised they’re pretty different, too. But you’ll love them all the same.

Spend time with your mates, even if it’s just hanging out at home, before you move to different sides of the country. Make plans to see each other too - time flies once you start uni!

3. Take in all of your home town

You may complain about it now, and you may prefer your uni town or city by far, but there's no feeling quite like home.

Make the most of going down to your favourite pub with your mates, or getting in the best takeaway in town with your family.

4. Pick up some new essentials (and not-so-essentials!)

The best thing about being at home is that your parents are still there to take you around the shops. You’ll learn to make the most of their visits and the chance to save your all-important pennies…

It’s tempting to spend your loan and new found freedom on the high street too, so a pre-uni shopping trip for some ‘essential’ clothes to send you off in wouldn’t hurt either, right?!

You can also start preparing for your student life by visiting our Village Shop (you'll find this when you log in to the portal) where you can stock up on kitchen essentials, bedding and any other extras.

5. Have some quality family time

As much as your siblings annoy you, or your parents always nag you about *something*, once you’re left in halls for the first time you’ll realise how nice having them around is. Until you make your new mates, of course, and get caught up in the Fresher’s Week madness...

Spend a day out with your younger brother or sister. Watch a film with the whole family. You’ll miss them once you move!

We're always looking forward to welcoming new residents in September, but we definitely want you to make the most of your summer before you arrive.

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