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What you'll definitely need to bring to uni

Posted at 20 July 2017

You know the basics - your mum's already packed you a first aid kit and you've bought a brand new set of fairy lights.

But what about the things you realise you're missing once you've been dropped off? The things you realise you need the moment you've sat down to relax after a long day unpacking?

Here's some ideas of what you pack into your car before setting off to your new home:

Clothes dryer

When drying your clothes costs you valuable pennies, it's definitely worth lugging your washing back to your room. Plus the smell of fresh laundry is much more preferable to old Pot Noodles...

HDMI cable

Since your student loan doesn't quite cover the latest movie packages on offer, a HDMI cable will be a lifesaver for nights spent in with your flat.

Movie nights will be your go to social activity as your loan slowly runs out *sob*

Full length mirror

It's pretty hard to feel prepped for a night out (or your first impression at lectures) without getting a full idea of your outfit.

Some accommodation already has full length mirrors - check before you attempt to fit a whole mirror into the car!  Get in touch with our teams to find out about your new room.

Extension cable

Nothing ruins a morning lie in more than your phone running out of charge and your cable not quite reaching your bed (which you're definitely not getting out of).

Your old prom suit/dress

You're probably prepared for three years' worth of fancy dress nights out (you'll always regret that Smurfs one...), but you might forget that students like scrub-up nice from time to time.

Whether it's your society's annual party or a course get-together, balls and formals happen often throughout your time at uni. Dust off your formal wear - as long as you're not too embarrassed by what you wore to prom...

Obviously there's a whole load of other essentials too - check out The Student Room's uni checklist.

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