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The eight stages every student goes through during an exam!

Posted 18 May 2018 in Health & Wellbeing

Plenty of people would agree that exams are far from enjoyable! The stresses, pressures and general anxiety they bring are normally awful. But you’re not alone, as many other students go through these same stages too…

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Five ways to tackle your sleep problems

Posted 10 May 2018 in Health & Wellbeing

While it’s something that affects everybody from time to time, it seems that sleep problems are particularly common among students. Research carried out as part of Campus Living Villages’ Mental Health Report shows that around three-quarters (74%) of academics in the UK have had some sort of trouble sleeping during their studies.

Blog Header 4 Daily Meals

Four daily meals to lift your mood

Posted 01 March 2018 in Health & Wellbeing

Are you feeling stressed or down? Eating these recipes could be the pick me up that you may need…

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Six mindfulness insights on Uni Mental Health Day

Posted 19 February 2018 in Health & Wellbeing

6 Key Mindfulness Insights that Highlight the Importance of University Mental Health Day

Blog Header 5 Ways Beat The Blues

Five ways to beat Blue Monday as a student

Posted 12 January 2018 in Health & Wellbeing

Forget Blue Monday – January is no fun for students. Revision, exams, the long wait until student loan payment day.

Blog Header 5 Ways To Handle Lonliness

Five ways to handle being lonely at university

Posted 18 November 2017 in Health & Wellbeing

Whether you’re living in halls or at home with your family (or somewhere in between), it’s common to feel lonely during your first few months at uni.

Blog Header Flu

The dreaded freshers flu

Posted 20 October 2017 in Health & Wellbeing

How to defeat the dreaded fresher’s flu, nearly every student will experience the flu at least once in their experience at university, so here are a few hints and tips to help.

Blog Header Calm

Six top tips to stay calm on results day

Posted 09 August 2017 in Health & Wellbeing

The countdown for results day has officially begun! So here are some top tips how to stay calm and reduce the nerves...

Blog Header Fire Update

Fire safety update

Posted 27 June 2017 in Health & Wellbeing

Following the tragic incident at Grenfell Tower in London, we wish to assure you that all of our buildings comply with building regulations.

Blog Header Free MH Apps

Free apps for managing your mental health

Posted 08 May 2017 in Health & Wellbeing

One in four students experience issues with their mental wellbeing, so it’s important to get support wherever you can.

Blog Header Exams

Looking after your mental health during exams

Posted 05 May 2017 in Health & Wellbeing

Exams are one of the biggest causes of student stress. Whether you just have a couple of exams or you have one what seems like every day.