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The eight stages every student goes through during an exam!

Posted at 18 May 2018 in Health & Wellbeing

Plenty of people would agree that exams are far from enjoyable! The stresses, pressures and general anxiety they bring are normally awful. But you’re not alone, as many other students go through these same stages too…

1. I’ve got this

I am feeling confident about this exam, I have actually revised for once and I’m ready to go… Or this could be a false sense of security and reassurance! I’m going to go with the first answer.

2. When that first question hits you

Maybe not… Did we even get taught this? Am I in the right exam?! I must have missed that class. Is this what the rest of the exam is going to be like?

3. Okay I haven’t got this

Maybe I missed every class or it’s the wrong paper!

4. If all fails

…I can confuse them in the ‘working out section’ and this could help me to pick up extra marks too.

5. Does this exam really matter?

Do I really need to pass this exam to still get a degree and pass my course? Does this exam really define me and who I am as a person?

6. Come on, focus!

Let’s actually write something now. I have wasted enough time already! 

7. One final push

I’ve got this, the end is near and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thankfully.

8. Acceptance

If all else fails, I can always resit next year…

We all go through a variety stages when sitting an exam; however we’re confident that you will do well and get the results you want and deserve, if you try your best and put the work in.

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