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Four daily meals to lift your mood

Are you feeling stressed or down? Eating these recipes could be the pick me up that you may need…


These recipes could help boost your mood and will give you a long lasting energy, which will help you to fight that anxiety and turn that bad day around.

Although that box of doughnuts seems like a quick fix and to eat away your sorrows, that sugar rush will soon wear off and will more than likely make you feel worse.

So why not try these mood-boasting recipes:

For breakfast…

Banana, almond and flax smoothies

This helps fight depression and stress; it tastes great and will help boost your mood. Flaxseeds are full of omega3 that helps prevent depression.

Greek yogurt with honey and granola

This easy breakfast can help improve your positivity, as it’s full of protein and a good pick me up in the morning to start your day off right.

For lunch…

Warm quinoa and spinach salad

A great source of protein and has plenty of vitamin B – this will give you the energy to battle those lethargic feelings.

Salmon salad with vinaigrette

Fish is a great source of protein and good for your brain as it is full of omega3. This will help improve your mindset and positivity.

For dinner…

Turkey burger and sweet potato fries

This is a healthy and far better alternative than the traditional greasy burger and fries from your local takeaway, this is full of goodness as sweet potatoes are filled with mood-boosting vitamin B6.

If you have a sweet tooth and need a desert pick me up, try this…

Granola bars with chocolate

These treats may look like cookies, but they’re actually nutritious ways to perk up your mood. They’re filled with ingredients that help to fight low mood , like the omega-3s in flaxseed. Dark chocolate helps to prevent stress and oats are a source of fibre that helps prevent mood swings.

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