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How to make your uni room a stress-free zone with bedroom feng shui

Posted at 14 May 2019 in Health & Wellbeing
We know the score – when you moved into your uni room that beloved zebra rug seemed to take over the place.

You brought your absolute-statement-making minimalist lamp, only to be greeted by an existing one and ever since you’ve made yourself at home, the term “floordrobe” has become a way of life, rather than a fun Urban Dictionary entry.

Just us?

But your room, what kind of vibe it has (and how tidy it is – that’s the boring bit) is very important when it comes to keeping a clear mind and minimising stress. Both of which are CRUCIAL for university life, where studying (remember that?) plays a huge role.

Why great bedroom feng shui is SO important

Feng shui originates from China and – so they say – uses energy forces to help you work in harmony with your surroundings. Life solved. But in case you need a little more convincing, here’s a few reasons why bedroom feng shui should be at the top of your to-do list this semester…

  1. Your room is where you start and finish your day. Going to sleep and waking up in a crowded and uncoordinated room could leave your mind feeling scrambled.
  2. Knowing exactly where everything is and having a clear view of your room can save you heaps of time. Especially when you need to find that textbook for the 9am seminar that you’re late for (at least you aren’t skipping).
  3. Cleaning can be therapeutic – it can help to de-stress and declutter the mind.
  4. We know that millennial burnout is on the up (deffo read about it if you haven’t already and you’re feeling stressed – it’s always nice to know you aren’t alone). Making sure you have a place to go is essential, where you can be settled and have peace of mind.

Make sense? Of course. Here’s how you can give your bedroom a little feng-shui makeover.

Nobody needs five lamps...It’s time to declutter

Some people are surprised about how much is already provided when they move into halls – bedside tables, lamps, desk chairs, bookshelves and more. If you’re living with Campus Living Villages, there's a chance that you might end up accidentally doubling up on a few things that will leave your room feeling chocka.

Make a list of everything you have two or more of, then work through it one by one, looking at which items you’d happily remove and where you can store them out of eye-sight.

Keep the amount of colour in the room to a minimum and choose muted tones

We know it’s hard to have full control of the colour pallete in your room, as things like the walls, the carpet and curtains are already chosen for you (that’s why we tend to keep things modern, clean and simple in our accommodation!)

But there are a few things you can change and switch up. We recommend you consider bedding that complements the overall style of the room. Muted tones such as beige, peach, lilac, or if we’re getting fancy – eggshell blue, are perfect for setting a calm and chilled feng shui.

Use natural elements

Bringing the outside inside is an ever-growing trend. Ensuring you open your window to let some fresh air in, turning the main light off and having pillows made from natural fabrics (think organic wool and hemp) can add a sense of nature to your room.

Limit electronic devices and screens

It’s an obvious one and everyone’s going on about it atm; limiting screen-time has dominated news articles for the past year. Now we know you may have your phone, laptop and television in your room at all times, but it would be beneficial to hide a couple of these screens when not in use.

Try putting them in a drawer to balance your feng shui and keep the vibe natural and calm. Probably best to opt for your desk drawer too, so they are out of reach when you’re relaxing in bed.

Get your Mrs Hinch on

So, hardly anyone likes cleaning, but scheduling in a tidying session for two-to-three times a week can make the world of difference. Keeping all drawers and doors closed when not in use and removing any unwanted rubbish can create space for more important things, like your new yoga mat and cork picture board. You know, uni essentials…

Do what feels right!

Above all, it’s your uni room and your space for downtime. If you feel like moving your bean bag to a different position twice a month, go for it! It’s all about finding a layout and environment that helps to centre and de-stress you.

And if you’re now convinced that a lava lamp would elevate your feng shui by 100%, check out our post on student budgeting and get saving! Do you feel like your bedroom already looks pretty slick? We’d love to see some inspo on Insta @campuslivingvillagesuk.

Alternatively, head back to our blog for more student-friendly advice.

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