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Four ways to save money as a student

Posted at 01 April 2019 in Village Life

Four ways to save money as a student when you want to buy EVERYTHING after loan day

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Three expert tips for student budgeting

Posted at 01 April 2019

Three expert tips for student budgeting and how to manage money like a PRO

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Feeling lonely at university?

Posted at 01 April 2019 in Health & Wellbeing

We never want our residents to feel lonely at university, but we know it can happen and we’re here to make sure you know that just because you feel lonely, it doesn’t mean that you’re alone.

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Five epic food hacks for students

Posted at 17 December 2018 in Food & Drink

Five student food hacks for uni-goers who wish they’d listened to their parents

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Financing the future

Posted at 21 November 2018

There are multitudes of concerning headlines when it comes to today’s youth, and pointing fingers at millennials for not respecting or supporting the economy seems to be becoming a trend, snowballing and spilling over to Generation Z.

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Housekeeping how-tos

Posted at 02 November 2018

­Chores that you AREN’T paid for…scandalous, right?
When we first lived in halls, it took us a few weeks to realise that someone would have to clean the fridge at some point. That no one was about to start vacuuming up our dust bunnies. Gutted, it turns out that the sock fairy isn’t real either.

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Cheap date ideas for students

Posted at 02 November 2018

Going on a date while you’re at uni is no walk in the park – seriously, because we haven’t gymmed in weeks, so talking and walking simultaneously would be worse than two three-hour seminars one after another.

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How to make money as a student

Posted at 02 November 2018

­Who wants a job while they’re at uni, amirite?
Okay so, for lots of us it ends up being a must and tbf, it can teach you a lot about workplaces, responsibility and all that jazz. We even wrote a blog post about finding one that you might actually find interesting

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Things you should do before you leave university

Posted at 24 May 2018

Read our top tips for things you should do before leaving university. From travelling to finding an internship or apprenticeship.

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The eight stages every student goes through during an exam!

Posted at 18 May 2018 in Health & Wellbeing

Plenty of people would agree that exams are far from enjoyable! The stresses, pressures and general anxiety they bring are normally awful. But you’re not alone, as many other students go through these same stages too…

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Seven ways to get the most out of living in the ‘world’s best student city’

Posted at 16 May 2018

London is the best student city on the planet.
That’s according to the 2018 QS Best Student Cities rankings, which were released this week, encompassing the views of some 50,000 students around the world.