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How to volunteer in the community this summer

Posted at 08 May 2018

Have no plans for the summer? Want to do something productive and rewarding this summer break? Fancy meeting new friends and explore a new city or country?

Why not try volunteering?

You may think summer is the ultimate opportunity to relax, work on that tan and have BBQs and it is the perfect time to do this, however volunteering could be a good use of your time and it is a productive way to give back to your community.

Volunteering abroad

You can volunteer aboard in a variety of locations that for example include Thailand, Africa and America. These are great countries to visit and you may not get another opportunity to see these particular places. It is worth investigating further as some volunteer schemes have flights and accommodation included.

They offer a varied range of opportunities, for example, teaching English in local schools to a class room of children, coaching sports or even looking after elephants in wildlife sanctuaries.

Volunteering in a different country is a great opportunity to experience different cultures and to meet new friends all around the world, a chance to learn a different language and to gain real work experience; this will also look great on your CV. Not only will this help to develop your skills, but it demonstrates your independence and builds confidence too.

Volunteering in the UK

If you don’t fancy travelling abroad, you can still volunteer here in the UK as there are plenty of schemes and opportunities. You can volunteer at festivals as a steward. Not only do you gain experience, you may also get to see all of your favourite acts perform for free, which is always an added bonus. Some of these festivals include Isle of Wight, Creamfields and Kendal calling.

You can apply to be a group coordinator or run a summer camp, many community organisations, local charities, local authorities and youth and environmental groups would love the extra help. Not only are you gaining experience and skills, you are also giving back and contributing to your local community.

So why volunteer this summer?

Volunteering will show current or potential employers that you have made a positive contribution to society and it’s also a great opportunity to network. You can try and experience new things and it could be the very motivation you need to get out of the house instead of spending hours watching Netflix. Most of all, volunteering is a positive life experience and is very rewarding.

Happy volunteering! If you decide to take this route, we hope you have an amazing experience and develop many useful skills.