rise of spiking

The Rise In Drink Spiking & How To Stay Safe

Posted at 30 November 2021 in Health & Wellbeing
Blog Header 12 Exercises

12 exercise moves you can do in your bedroom

Posted at 27 July 2021 in Health & Wellbeing

Whether you're bored with no plans, a student on a budget or just taking a break from revision - here are some easy exercises to do in the comfort of your own room.

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How to Build an Energising Morning Routine

Posted at 28 October 2020 in Health & Wellbeing

What you do upon waking up is incredibly important. Your morning rituals set the tone for the rest of the day, which is why you need to establish habits that start it right! Of course, the best routines may look a little bit different from person to person. But to help you create a morning routine that works, try these five habits that can help you begin your day on a positive note

Liverpool Amenities 01

The truth about Clearing

Posted at 13 August 2020

Clearing, for some students it feels like the worst possible outcome – “if you don’t get the grades, you might end up having to go through Clearing!”

Blog Header Student Blog

Student blog: my thoughts on first year

Posted at 09 August 2020

My first year at university is now coming to an end and to be very honest I could easily say I’m quite relieved!

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A cringe-free guide to making friends at uni

Posted at 02 August 2020 in Village Life, Health & Wellbeing

It may be a bit daunting now but we’ve all been there, you’re stepping out of your comfort zone and moving away from all your friends and family.

tobias blog

Moving into uni halls: what to expect on your first day

Posted at 01 August 2020

Tobias is a first year resident at Peel Park Quarter (PPQ), studying Television and Radio at The University of Salford. He tells us what his move-in experience was really like.

club soda

How to have fun at uni without alcohol

Posted at 28 November 2019

Club Soda have worked with Bournemouth University for the last two years for Freshers’ Week, sharing information about mindful drinking. The key objective of this work was to make sure that all new students know that it’s their choice whether to drink or not, and that it’s definitely not a necessity for their social success at uni.


Settling into university

Posted at 21 November 2019

University is often described as one of the best times of your life, but it can have its hurdles along the way. We’ve discovered that students can feel homesick, struggle to settle in, question their course choice or even feel like they want to drop out of university, within the very first few months. But all of these feelings are normal and happen to many more people than you might realise. We spoke to three students who debated dropping out of university, however once settled in they all changed their minds. Here’s what they said…

Payday Loan 1

Why payday loans can be a huge mistake

Posted at 29 October 2019

Most students know what it’s like to be strapped for cash; it’s pretty much a standard part of the uni experience. Good bits, bad bits, hungry bits – you take the rough with the smooth. But what is the best way to deal with those all too regular cash flow issues we find ourselves battling?

uni bedroom ideas web header

Cheap uni bedroom ideas and handmade inspiration

Posted at 04 October 2019

It’s so exciting and freeing to move into your very own student accommodation for the first time. Suddenly you’ve got a whole space to yourself, so what comes next? Putting your own stamp on it, obviously!