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Cheap uni bedroom ideas and handmade inspiration

Posted at 04 October 2019

It’s so exciting and freeing to move into your very own student accommodation for the first time. Suddenly you’ve got a whole space to yourself, so what comes next? Putting your own stamp on it, obviously!

With a bit of imagination and a dash of creativity, you can add personal touches and make yourself at home – all without blowing a big hole in your delicate student budget.

Keep reading for fabulous, cheap uni bedroom ideas and inspiration, plus our favourite must-follow Insta accounts. Enjoy!

Make your room more zen with a colourful tapestry

Want to give a bare wall an instant makeover? To liven up your uni room decor, try draping a tapestry in a bold print across one statement wall; they’re a unique way to add an interesting focal point to your crib, while also helping to make the space feel that little bit homelier.

We checked out @dormideas and found this funky taspestry gem.


Go wild with cushions and throws

There’s nothing better than coming home to your bed after a tiring day of studying, especially when you have mountains of cushions and throws to snuggle yourself in. A few of these cosy additions in a similar colour scheme are a great solution to making a fairly bare uni room seem a tad more luxurious, while also making the world of difference to your comfort levels.

We couldn’t get enough of these chunky woollen throws at @bedsandbedrooms - is there even such a thing as too many cushions? We think not!


Fairy lights – they’re not just for Christmas!

Simple yet effective, a charming set of battery-powered fairy lights can instantly make your uni accommodation feel extra-welcoming. They’re great when it comes to creating a mellow and relaxing ambience while saving some mullah too - you’ll be glad to know that these sparkling beauties are cheap as chips to buy.

We found our cosy light inspo from @dormstate here, just perfect for coming home to after a long day of lectures!


Make inventive use of photographs and posters

There are bedrooms across the country that are plastered with band posters, photo collages and who knows what else - but, moving into a new uni room is the perfect opportunity to let your creative juices flow and allow your inner interior designer to shine through!

Play around with the placement of cute photo frames and update your notice board with fun posters - there’s no right or wrong answer to this, it’s all about creating a personalised space you’ll be proud of. Think neon signs, motivational quotes and photos of old (and new!) friends. We found inspiration galore over at @roompalace, and we just had to share this Friends-themed idea - a wall of dreams!

Alternatively, put some posters and photos in chunky frames and place them around your desk space for some timely motivation as you study.


Time to get thrifty!

It’s easy to get carried away with furnishing your uni accommodation. To stop things getting really expensive, upcycling is a fantastic way to jazz up boring items and create something totally unique – and for just a fraction of the cost!

Liven up your room by collecting bits and bobs from the charity shop and car boot sales and turning them into treasure.

Erika over at @peonyandhoney inspired us to get thrifty with this old glass jar that has been transformed into a floral keepsake.


Harmony with houseplants

Once you get obsessed with houseplants, there’s no going back – we’re warning you now. People have done loads of studies on how plants can purify the air, lift your energy levels, reduce anxiety and even boost healing.

Explore @bedrooms_of_insta for inspo that will make your jaw drop, and definitely check out this creative use of greenery. We wish that every room could be packed with these leafy lovelies.

Hopefully these simple and straightforward ideas have left you with some great plans for your new uni adventure. For more student hacks and inspiration, head back to our blog!