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Student blog: my thoughts on first year

Posted at 09 August 2020

My first year at university is now coming to an end and to be very honest I could easily say I’m quite relieved!

My course, Physiotherapy, is said to be the hardest in first year in terms of the amount of content to learn, particularly all the anatomy. For starters, everything has a different, much more complicated anatomical name. Who would’ve thought you’d need a new language to talk about something as simple as your knee cap or jaw bone?!

With so much going on to keep me occupied, this year has gone extremely quickly.

It only feels like yesterday that I was settling in to my new home and now it’s only a few weeks until I have to move out!

Just the thought of getting through my very first set of exams or making it to Christmas seemed ages away let alone the end of the year.

While first year is nearly complete, there is still a lot left to get done. After the Easter holidays I will be going on placement. Mine is a community placement in care of the elderly. Although I’m not particularly interested in working in this area in the future, and there are other placement areas I would have preferred, I’m still looking forward to it. It’s technically another assessment but I’m hoping that it will really help me to put what I’ve learnt over the past 6 months into practice, something that will serve me well in the future!

As for summer, I would really like to do a bit of travelling as I mentioned in my last post.

Since I will (hopefully!) have more than enough free time over the summer break, I’m thinking about getting some physio related work experience but combining this with travelling by looking for summer placements abroad.

I know of a few organisations that arrange placements such as these and I think it would be a really great opportunity so it’s definitely something I’m considering. After all, I wouldn’t want to completely forget everything I’ve learnt on my course this year, as I’ve often done in other years. And it’s definitely not the wisest thing to do!

Looking back on this year, there honestly isn’t much I would change about it.

I think it’s important, not only for students but for everyone just in daily life as well, to take each day as it comes.

We shouldn’t worry about making mistakes because they’ll happen anyway at some point so be grateful each new day you wake up, appreciate little things, learn and grow as a person.

That’s all from me, hope everyone has a brilliant summer!