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10 Tips for Studying at University

Posted at 04 May 2023 in Study & Career

In this guide on how to study at university, we’ll explore good study habits that will make all the difference.

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Ways You Can Get Involved in Volunteering While at University

Posted at 03 February 2023 in Village Life, Study & Career

If you haven’t considered it before, volunteering is a great way to keep productive and learn new skills while studying.

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Five Top Tips for Studying Over Christmas

Posted at 12 December 2022 in Village Life, Study & Career

Although 'tis the season to be jolly, the January exam period is fast-approaching, and deadlines will soon be looming. Check out our festive study tips to help you keep yourself on track.

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Student Budgeting Hacks

Posted at 12 October 2022 in Village Life, Study & Career

Receiving your first student loan payment can look like a lot of money, but it's important to remember that the money you've received needs to see you through a full term.

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How to get a job with no experience

Posted at 24 June 2019 in Study & Career

Feel like every job description needs five years' experience? Here's how to get a job with no experience after uni

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University of Bedfordshire success stories

Posted at 17 June 2019 in Study & Career

Heart-warming success stories & role models who went to the University of Bedfordshire

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Success stories from industry leaders

Posted at 31 May 2019 in Study & Career

Dreams vs. success stories - the sky's the limit when you leave university!

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What can you do with a History degree?

Posted at 11 April 2019 in Study & Career

10 jobs you can do with a History degree - the cool, the incredible and the unexpected

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One in three students stay at uni to work over Christmas

Posted at 22 December 2017 in Study & Career

Almost three quarters of a million are likely to stay put over the holidays, according to new research we've carried out. A third of our students who live in our villages (33%) plan to remain over the holidays due to academic requirements such as placements and deadlines. Other reasons not to leave include the expensive cost of travel to their home abroad (16%), and living too far away in the UK to travel home as it takes too long (9%).

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How to get a student job that suits you

Posted at 10 November 2017 in Study & Career

Jobs and students may not obviously go together! But you may now be considering it after you have been at university for a few months and realising blowing your student loan in the first week wasn’t such a good idea after all.

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The most surprising celebrity degrees

Posted at 16 August 2017 in Study & Career

When you feel like throwing in your degree and following your, much more abstract, dreams, think of all the now-celebrities who were once in your position. From mastermind comedians to genius musicians, some of your favourite celebs used to be no different to you – down the Students’ Union enjoying a cheap pint, sitting through hungover lectures and spending all-nighters in the library in a bid to submit their dissertation on time.