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6 Budget-Friendly Healthy Meals

Posted at 04 March 2022 in Health & Wellbeing, Food & Drink

What we eat doesn't just affect our physical health, it can impact our mental health too. Eating regularly, choosing foods that give you slow releasing energy, and incorporating a variety of fruit and vegetables into your diet can often improve your sense of wellbeing and mood 

Below we've listed our favourite six budget-friendly healthy meals, which might give you that extra bit of energy you need to get through those dreaded assignments. 


Hoisin noodles  

This recipe is a great go to if you’re in a rush or just fancy a quick dinner. Including spinach in your noodles, is a great way to get one of your five a day. Spinach is packed full of health benefits and has vitamins and minerals like E and magnesium that can help support your immune system. 

Cooking the noodles and spinach in the same pan can also help you cut down on the washing up - result! This recipe can even be made for less than £1 per portion and is a great meal to share with your flatmates.  


Creamy chicken pasta

Have some chicken in the fridge? This recipe is perfect for getting rid of those unwanted leftovers while in between your weekly food shop.  

This is an excellent adaptable recipe to suit all diets and can even be made vegan by substituting the chicken, butter, and cream for a plant-based alternative.  


Quick chicken couscous 

If you're looking for a quick and tasty dinner that you can use as a hearty packed lunch the next day, then this recipe is for you. It's full of veggies and will definitely help you on your way to hitting your 5 a day.  

Not a fan of couscous? Why not swap it out for rice!  


Easy vegan curry

This healthy vegan budget-friendly recipe is freezer friendly, making it an excellent meal for batch cooking.  

Butternut squash is high in potassium which can help keep your blood pressure in check.  


Pizza-inspired jacket potato fillings 

Give the humble jacket potato an Italian makeover with these pizza-inspired fillings.  


Easy halloumi wrap - BBC Food 

Are you looking for an effortless but tasty meal? This easy halloumi wrap recipe is great for a speedy vegetarian dinner (or lunch)! 

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