Tips for Students Surviving A Cold Winter in Melbourne

Posted at 27 July 2022 in Village Life, Study & Career

It’s no doubt that Victoria is not the warmest city in Australia during winter, but not to worry - we’ve got you covered. Here are tips for students trying to survive a cold winter in Melbourne!


5 of The Sweetest Cafes In Sydney

Posted at 27 July 2022 in Food & Drink

If you’re a sweet tooth student new to Sydney and want to find out where the best brunch spots are in Sydney, then read on. Here are 5 of the sweetest In Sydney that’ll fuel you up for a study-filled day.


Tips To Help You Prep For Exams Like a Pro!

Posted at 27 July 2022 in Study & Career

Prepping for your university examinations can be stressful, but there are steps you can take to set yourself up for success. Here are Campus Livings tips for prepping for exams like a pro!


How You Can Get Involved On Campus

Posted at 20 July 2022 in Village Life, Health & Wellbeing

Joining a new campus away from home with new people can seem scary but know you’re not alone. The best way to overcome fear is to rip the Band-Aid off and get straight into it. Here are our tips on how you can get involved on campus!


Your Guide To Easy & Affordable Cooking With Your Housemates

Posted at 13 July 2022 in Village Life, Food & Drink

Dinner time as a student can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Preparing meals with your housemates can help you cut down on the grocery bill.

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7 Of The Best Internet Cafes To Study At in Melbourne

Posted at 05 July 2022 in Study & Career, Food & Drink

After a new study spot in Melbourne City? Let us help you. Here are our 7 favourite study-friendly brunch spots that’ll be sure to fuel you up every day of the week.


How To Study Effectively With Time Blocking

Posted at 28 June 2022 in Study & Career

At our student village accommodation, we try to support our students in every way possible. Today our team has put together a guide to help you gain more structure in your university week by using this time-blocking technique!


Why It's Important To Keep Your LinkedIn Account Up-To-Date As a Uni Student

Posted at 22 June 2022 in Study & Career

Here at Campus Living Australia, we’re always thinking of ways that we can help our students. We want to share as much valuable advice as we can that are going to benefit our students long-term and this tip right here is an important one!

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COVID-19 Update: Student Visa Changes

Posted at 21 January 2022 in CLV News

This week the Australian Government announced that international students will no longer have limits on their work hours, to help alleviate shortages that have been caused by the current Omicron outbreak.


UCA Resident Testimonials - Logan Quigley

Posted at 11 June 2021 in Village Life

UCA Resident Testimonials - Annie Walker

Posted at 10 June 2021