Tips for Students Surviving A Cold Winter in Melbourne

Posted at 27 July 2022 in Village Life, Study & Career

Winters in Melbourne can be brutal to get used to, especially if you've lived in sunny parts of Australia for most of your years. Or maybe you’re a summer lover needing some advice and inspiration! If you're a student who’s new at Student Village, The University of Melbourne Campus, we’ve got all the tips you need for getting through a cold winter in our most liveable city. Let’s get into it!


Invest in a good quality thermal

Thermals, thermals, gloves, beanie, thermals! But honestly, an excellent thermal will ensure you keep toasty warm through the coldest days. You may have to opt for a higher price point, but invest correctly, and you’ll have something that’ll keep you warm in winter for years to come! 


Get the slow cooker out and cook a delicious winter meal

Ditch the sweets and sugary study snacks and instead cook up a beautiful vegetable soup that will warm the soul and boost your brain power.  Slow cooker meals are great for cooking cheaper cuts of meat and hearty vegetables that will keep you fuller for longer - which is also a massive win for the bank balance. Chuck some spices in there and leave it to work its magic during the day - then come home to a winter-ready dinner! 

Don’t have a slow cooker? Hit up your nearest second hand store and get an oven proof crock pot for cheap, and you can slow cook the traditional way: in the oven. Most slow cook recipes can also be made on a stove top, which will speed up cooking time if you don’t have all day.


Keep Moving!

The best way to keep warm is to keep moving. Take a walk, get running or do that HIIT class! Exercise will help you to increase the blood flow to your extremities and will help to boost your body temperature. Plus, it will boost your mood while giving you that extra energy. What more could you need?


Stay hydrated 

Did you know that drinking water can help to regulate your internal body temperature so you can withstand cold winter temperatures? (Colins, 2022). So make sure you keep that water bottle topped up!

Have a nice hot bowl of spicy Pho for lunch

Honestly, this is the best way to warm up, in our opinion, Pho real. 


Have a hot cup of tea or coffee!

Are you a true citizen of Melbourne if you’re not drinking coffee 24/7? Have that extra cup of tea or coffee because research has found that a small amount of caffeine can help improve your cognitive function (Healthline, 2021), AND caffeine also increases your metabolism, raising your body temperature. How good is that!


Take up hot yoga

Nothing like bending like a pretzel in 30-degree heat - am I right? Hot yoga is a great way to get fit and keep healthy during the colder months. 


Stay warm inside

Winter heating can be a costly exercise for students, but if you’re lucky enough to be living at Student Village, the University of Melbourne, all your bills are covered so you don’t have to be worried about turning on that heater or electric blanket! Don’t forget to turn it off when you’re not using it though – we like to do our best to minimise energy waste where we can!


So there you have it; these are our tips and tricks for braving the winter cold in the city of Melbourne. We hope this has inspired you to keep moving and get cooking heart-warming winter meals! We know it can be hard to get used to the colder weather, but embrace the cold you may come to love it just like we do!

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