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How To Budget as a Social Student Who Lives in The City

Have you recently moved to a big city to enjoy student living? How exciting! There are so many things to do and explore. Big cities can undoubtedly come with a price tag… especially if you’re a bit of a social butterfly. There’s no denying that things are tight for full-time students, but we’re here to tell you it’s not all that bad. If you’ve recently moved to study in Perth, the Gold Coast, Sydney or Melbourne - we’ve got you covered. Let us give you a helping hand as you get that budget down-packed. Here are some tips on budgeting as a social student living in the city. 


Visit free attractions

Getting out with your friends doesn’t have to cost the earth. There are so many free attractions all around us. Whether it's visiting the amazing beaches and harbours or the beautiful local gardens. Search where the current free events are near you and explore your new city with your friends. 


Shop at the local markets

This is key while staying in your university accommodation. Each weekend, sit down and plan your meals for the week ahead. Head to the local markets with your pals and do your weekly grocery shop together. This is a great way to support locals while exploring your new backyard. The markets are generally cheaper and have fresh and primarily organic produce, which is a huge win. You’ll encourage each other to shop on a budget while promoting a healthy diet. 


For affordable cooking tips, view our blog: Your Guide to Easy & Affordable Cooking With Your Housemates


Did someone say thrift shopping? 

For the shopaholics out there, this is for you. Wave goodbye to full-priced items; you’re a thrift shopper now. This is the perfect Saturday morning activity to enjoy with your friends. Make a coffee at home, write a list of the second-hand stores near you and hit the pavement! It’s going to take some patience, but it’s going to be fun. Second-hand stores are enriched with unique items. Who says we have to follow the status quo? Give pre-loved items a new lease on life! You’ll give back to the planet while you also give back to your wallet.


Take advantage of student discounts.

Did you know that nationwide stores, cafes, restaurants and other businesses may offer student discounts? I mean, you’ve got to have some perks. For this reason, always remember to bring your student I.D. with you for verification. Even the smallest of discounts can help you to save money. 


Walk wherever you can

If you can - walk! It’s good for you, it’s free, and it is an excellent form of exercise. Walking just 30 minutes per day is proven to lift your mood, improve your concentration and boost stress-relieving chemicals. There are many lovely walking trails to explore – just a quick search on your web browser will give you many options. Whether it's a walk along the beach, a walk through town or a hike! Get your walking shoes on and enjoy the outdoors. 



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