The Key to Good Sleep During Exams

Posted at 19 September 2022 in Health & Wellbeing, Study & Career

Here at Campus Living Villages, we aim to give as much support to our students as possible. We know that many of our students may be prioritising study over sleep this exam period, so we’d like to give you some valuable advice that we think you should consider. Here are our tips to ensure you get a good quality sleep during the exam period.


The Key to Good Sleep During Exams

Exam time is around the corner. For many of us, it’s a time when sleep gets put on the back burner. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but those all-nighters can start to take a toll. Poor sleep negatively impacts memory, creativity and impairs your judgement. It’s a downward spiral effect you want to avoid during exam week. Truth be told, sleeping may even be more important than studying. Here is the key to getting good sleep during exams. 


Aim to get most of your study done during the day 

Studying to the point of burnout is never a good idea. If you can, stick to an exam study schedule of 9-5 during study week. This should be a reasonable amount of time to cover the topics within your exam, mainly if you’ve managed to keep up with classwork during the semester. Try not to over-study as this can make you tired and irritable and even make it hard to concentrate (even with adequate sleep).


If you can’t follow the 9-5 structure?

Aim to get a few hours in where you can throughout the day. If it means waking up early, you may need to adjust your sleep schedule and begin prioritising earlier nights. Time-blocking will also help you to keep on track. Click here to find out how to study effectively with time-blocking


Exercise regularly (during the day)

Regular exercise is proven to help sleep. Make a conscious effort to work out during the day, and you thank yourself come bedtime. All those endorphins do wonders for your mental health and well-being. Try to avoid exercising for at least three hours before bed, as this will only disrupt your sleep. Exercise will also help you to relieve any feelings of stress and anxiety during exam time. Take a walk through your university accommodation to help to clear your mind. 


Allow yourself to wind down at night

Do your best to avoid studying for at least two hours before bed. Instead, use this time to relax, unwind and focus on something other than study. Create a relaxing bedtime routine. You could have a bath and listen to some calming music. Get into some cosy pj's and read a book. Allow your mind to drift away from all things study related. 


Avoid drinking too much caffeine

Caffeine is a known sleep disrupter. If you can, limit your caffeine to the mornings. This will ensure that you won’t be kept up at night. If you’re a real coffee lover, try swapping your usual caffeinated cup for decaf - it’s not that bad. Or, opt for herbal tea.  


For those in shared accommodation

We know living in student accommodation can be lots of fun, but sometimes your roommates may be a little noisy at bedtime. Maybe they’ve finished their exams, and you still have three to go? Here are some suggestions for you. 

  • Openly talk to your roommates about keeping the noise down at night while preparing for your exams.
  • See if they would also like to adopt a similar sleep schedule to you during exam time. 
  • Wear earplugs if things are too noisy for you
  • Wear a sleep mask 


Aim to get at least 8-9 hours of sleep each night

Use sleep as your secret weapon during exam week. Sleep is truly the best medicine. A night of good quality sleep will help to improve your mood, memory and recall! We think allowing yourself to have 8-9 hours of sleep per night is the highest form of self-love. Sleep deprivation makes you feel like a zombie, and who wants that? Drink a cup of chamomile tea and make sleep your #1.

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