How To Study Effectively With Time Blocking

Posted 28 June 2022 in Study & Career

At our student village accommodation, we try to support our students in every way possible. Today our team has put together a guide to help you gain more structure in your university week by using this time-blocking technique!

Time blocking is a time management method you can use by dividing your day into time blocks. With this method, each time block is allocated to a specific task; to help you structure your day and complete tasks in order of importance. Time blocking is a strategy used by many productive people around the world; and is a life hack that you’ll wish you tried sooner! 

How to begin?  


Create a study space that’s effective (for you)

That’s right, we all study differently. Some students work best in silence, while others work best with some background noise.

Create a space that will allow you to unleash your full potential. Remove all distractions, get organised, so everything you need is in arms reach, and clear your space of any unwanted clutter. 

Use your planner 

Use your planner to effectively time block your day. Whether it's a paper book or an electronic planner, use something that will work for you. 

Paper planners allow for fewer distractions; there won’t be any pings, notifications, reminders, messages, or emails when using a paper planner, which allows for greater focus and productivity; this is what we recommend.


So... how can I plan my day?”

Say you have 2 hours free in the morning; use this as a time block for your Assignment A - block this out with scheduled breaks in between. Then, block another hour for Assignment B to ensure you spend time on both tasks throughout the day without powering through one job and forgetting about the other. 

Make sure to schedule lunch, regular breaks, lectures, meetings, or walks with friends - keep everything in your planner so you can visualise your day's tasks. 

Use your timer

Your timer is your best friend. ⏲

Whether you want to use your iPhone timer or a trusty old-school timer; this will help you keep on track with the day's tasks so you can effectively time block. 

Follow the 45/15 rule

The 45/15 rule is a hack we should all be using daily.  

This is a simple and effective way to break up the hour and is helpful to prevent burnout.

Block out 45 minutes of work, followed by a 15-minute break.

This lets you focus for a good 45 minutes, knowing you will be rewarded with a decent 15-minute break afterwards. 

Take proper breaks, not just lunch

We like to think the straight 9-5 with only one lunch break is how we’re most productive, but this isn’t the case, especially while studying. Breaks allow us to regather, refresh and return to the task with a clear mind.

Use breaks to get away from your desk, put the notes down, and focus on something non-task-related. Play with your dog, listen to some music and have a dance, whatever it may be, to allow yourself to de-stress.


Take a walk  

Getting out in nature and breathing in some fresh air will help you to clear your mind. If you live near a beach, even better. A lunchtime beach date with some friends will be just the therapy you need to unwind mid-day. 

If you struggle to focus or often find yourself procrastinating, then maybe the time blocking method could work for you. Give it a try and let us know what you think. 

Happy studying! 

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