How To Balance Work, Life and Study While At University.

Posted at 26 September 2022 in Health & Wellbeing, Study & Career

Working while at university can be a great way to learn how to juggle responsibilities while providing you with an income and work/life experience. Working will greatly benefit you by growing your skillset while expanding your network and horizons - it’s a win-win! However, it can become overwhelming if you don’t organise your schedule correctly or create clear boundaries for your university commitments with your employer. Here are some tips to help you create a good work/life balance while studying at university. 


Plan ahead

Planning will set you up for success while studying at university, helping you remember important deadlines. A planner with a calendar will help you visualise your schedule and will allow you to record any important dates and deadlines that are coming up in the months ahead of you. This will help to ensure that you keep on top of your commitments and that nothing falls into the back of your mind. Even hang up a semester calendar somewhere in your student accommodation? Your schedule will become your BFF and will help you to decide whether you’re able to pick up that extra shift at work or not. Keeping up to date with study, assignments and daily tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment. 


Prioritise University 

We know this sounds cliche, but it is super important to ensure work commitments don't begin to get in the way or overtake university commitments. Picking up too many shifts could mean you fall behind, burn yourself out or even let grades slip. We know that extra money is appealing. However, it’s important that you have enough time to study and that you don’t sell yourself short. Cramming at the last second isn’t a vibe, and hey, maybe you’ll be able to pick up some extra hours during the mid-semester break.


Learn to say no

No’ is one simple yet powerful word; for some people, it can be extremely difficult to say - but it doesn’t have to be that way. Learning to say no is important. Saying no will help you set boundaries with your employer, friends, and family. If you feel overworked and overwhelmed, know it’s okay to take a break.

Do your best to put your well-being first. You know how much you can take on and how much you can manage. Having a relaxing weekend in at your university accommodation truly isn’t the worst idea. Aim to protect your time and your energy, and only ever commit to something that you know is manageable and within your best interest. 


Look after yourself 

Make it your #1 priority to eat well, and get enough exercise and plenty of sleep - this will help you perform during stressful times in your life and will ensure that you don’t come head to head with burnout. Take a break when you need one, get outside and breathe in the fresh air, and most importantly, make sure you’re having fun along the way! 



Make plans to socialise with friends and meet new people! Socialising with your mates is a great way to let your hair down and boost your mood. There are so many friendly faces to meet at Campus Living Villages and lots of fun on-campus events to attend that will help to break the ice. Break up your busy schedule with social events that fill your cup - whether through a sport, a committee, a dance, or even a local book club!  


We hope this has helped give you some tips about finding the balance between work, study and life! If you are becoming overwhelmed, know that we offer 24/7 support with friendly staff on-site who are always willing to lend you advice and a helping hand.

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