Why Will Be Your New Best Friend At Uni

With countless assignments due at once and many classes to keep up with, it can be easy to let your grammar slip while tirelessly writing that essay. But what if there was a way to automatically check that your work was grammatically correct? Not to worry, has got your back. Here at Campus Living Villages, we love to help our students succeed, and we think this is another helpful tip that is well worth mentioning. Read on to find out how will be your new best friend at university.

#1 - Grammarly Highlights Your Mistakes and Shows you How to Correct Them

In other words, proofreads your work for you and lets you know where you’ve made a whoopsie. How epic is that? Especially for those 5000+ word assignments where the more you look at it, the more everything starts to look the same.

#2 - Grammarly Shows You How To Rephrase Your Sentence and Make Things Sound Better In Real Time.

Now, this is a game-changer! Have you ever written something and thought, “I know there’s a better way to say this, but I’m not sure how”, then ended up typing into Google “what's a better way to say x, y, z?” You’re not the only one. Lucky for you, Grammarly is the perfect tool to help students rephrase their sentences in real time. It will help you to find and correct sentences that aren’t technically errors, but could be improved. Grammarly can even help you avoid plagiarism, so when it comes to submission time, you can rest easy knowing that your work is uniquely yours and free of errors. 

#3 - Grammarly ensures that everything you write contains accurate spelling, punctuation, and grammar and is also compelling, clear and easy to read.

This is why Grammarly is the perfect tool for university students. If you sometimes struggle to say things concisely, Grammarly will help you and be the writing assistant you’ve always dreamed of. Grammarly claims that 98% of students see an improvement in their grades after using it (Drew, 2022), and if that doesn’t persuade you, I don’t know what will. 


 #4 - It’s super easy to install 

Open Google Chrome and visit the Chrome Store to install the Grammarly browser extension, or if you’re an Apple User open the Apple App Store and install the Grammarly browser extension - it's pretty straightforward. 


#5 The free version will be all you need

That’s right; if you’re worried about the cost, the free version is worth installing. Out of university, many employers encourage their workers to install Grammarly (even the free version). It is the perfect programme for students and those in the workforce. You can also invest in the premium version for USD 30 a month to get more out of Grammarly.

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