Blog Header Wristband

Welcome wristbands to help you stay safe

Posted 08 September 2017

We’ve created a simple, yet effective wristband to ensure all our residents arrive home safely during their first few weeks with us.

Blog Header Finance Apps

Free apps to manage your finances

Posted 06 September 2017

We know it's hard to keep track of your spending when you're at uni. Find out our top tips for apps to manage your finance.

Mistakes Header1

Mistakes every fresher makes

Posted 01 September 2017

It's inevitable. Every fresher is bound to make mistakes. After all, it is your first time living on your own away from your parents, so here is a little heads up to reassure you that you're not alone.

Blog Header Frshers Essentials

The freshers' week essentials

Posted 01 September 2017

Freshers' Week can be chaos - whether that means going out every night or hitting those Freshers' Fairs hard.

Blog Header Village Welcome

Village welcome: move-in to do list

Posted 31 August 2017

You’ve got your results, you’ve confirmed your spot at uni and you’re just a few weeks away from checking in to your new home.

Blog Header Student Finance 1

Student finance: money too tight to mention?

Posted 21 August 2017

Finding it a struggle to even think about your money situation? Spare a few minutes and fill this survey in to help you think about money management.

Blog Header Celebrate

How to celebrate your exam results in style

Posted 17 August 2017

Well done you have done it all that hard work and stress is over, so why not celebrate and reward yourself.

Blog Header Celeb Degrees

The most surprising celebrity degrees

Posted 16 August 2017 in Study & Career

When you feel like throwing in your degree and following your, much more abstract, dreams, think of all the now-celebrities who were once in your position. From mastermind comedians to genius musicians, some of your favourite celebs used to be no different to you – down the Students’ Union enjoying a cheap pint, sitting through hungover lectures and spending all-nighters in the library in a bid to submit their dissertation on time.

Blog Header Results

The types of people you'll see on results day

Posted 09 August 2017

It might be one of the last times you see these people again. And, if they're some of the below types, you're probably not going to be too sad about that.

Blog Header Calm

Six top tips to stay calm on results day

Posted 09 August 2017 in Health & Wellbeing

The countdown for results day has officially begun! So here are some top tips how to stay calm and reduce the nerves...

Blog Header Finding Accommodation

Finding accommodation during clearing

Posted 07 August 2017

Whether you’ve had a change of plans due to Clearing or Adjustment, finding last minute student accommodation is a stressful and pretty big decision.