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You know it's exam time when...

Posted at 25 April 2017 in Food & Drink

Exam time - pushing every student to their limits in an attempt to cram an entire semester's worth of learning into a few weeks.

You've gone from being fairly optimistic to filled with blind panic. And so has everyone else pacing the library in an attempt to find an all elusive seat.

You definitely know it's exam time, and here's why.

You're awake at 6am

And it's not even because you've actually been awake all night either. Finding a seat in the library during exam time is no joke and you've taken extreme measures to make sure you beat the crowds.

Your diet is now 80% meal deals

There's simply no time to cook when there's so much to learn. If you're smart, you grab this on your way in to uni rather than during the lunch time rush. No one wants to be left with the likes of the egg mayo and prawn cocktail sandwiches. What's more, nobody wants to sit next to one in the library.

And you may as well pack your suitcase, because there's only one place you live now...

And you've spent half of your loan on the coffee machine

Need. More. Coffee.

Looking forward to your next night out keeps you going

Even though it's a month away.

Your appearance starts becoming more and more questionable

What do you mean it's not okay to wear your slippers in public?!

Your most visited website is the grades calculator (after Wikipedia, obviously)

So you know EXACTLY what the lowest mark you can get in each exam is whilst still getting a 2.1. You thought this would be comforting - it is not.

You start wishing you'd attending more of those morning lectures

The lecturer's PowerPoint slides mean NOTHING to you.

The flat/house has never looked better

Your room is more organised than ever. The kitchen is clean. The bathroom is sparkling. You've probably even offered to tidy up your flatmate's room for something to do.

You've done all of the quizzes and read all of the blogs going.

Including this one.

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