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Spooky Halloween recipes

Posted 30 October 2017 in Food & Drink

These spooky recipes will certainly get you into the Halloween spirit, whether you’re throwing your own Halloween party or making treats with your friends or family for tradition. These are definitely recipes to try!

Pumpkin cookies

Who doesn’t like pumpkin decorated cookies on Halloween? The recipe serves 14 people so if you like your neighbours you could even share as there will be plenty to go around! If you’re baking for a Halloween party (everyone likes nibbles at a party) these will go down a storm.

Broken finger cookies

This is the ultimate prank to play on your flat mates… Not only are the great tasting cookies they actually look like broken fingers. You could even be really gross and make them as realistic as you can to scare them even more – just add blood (food coloured icing) on the end! This recipe serves 20 which means there is plenty to go around or that’s four hands, whichever way you want to look at it.

Tombstone brownies

Everyone loves a brownie, especially when they are warm and straight out of the oven. But have you ever made a tombstone brownie? It’s a great crafty activity for the whole flat to get involved with you could even have a mini competition with in your flat… what will you add to your tombstone?

Pumpkin pie

Have you carved a pumpkin and gone to throw away the left overs? Don’t! You can make this amazing pumpkin pie with the left over carvings from the inside that you don’t need. It’s a perfect dish for these cold winter nights.

Pumpkin soup

If you don’t fancy making something sweet out of it, why not make some savoury pumpkin soup for lunch the next day? It saves food going to waste and you can get a meal out of the left overs that you would normally throw away. Pumpkin soup is the perfect comfort food and will really get you into the Halloween spirit!

Crispy marshmallow brains

This crispy marshmallow brains recipe is sure to up the drama at your Halloween party. Crispy rice pops with pink and white marshmallows to give the brains colour, while the red icing pen adds the more realistic effect. They are really simple and easy to make and taste great – not to mention gory!

Yogurt-dipped strawberry ghosts

This recipe is really easy to make but so effective! Strawberry ghosts are a perfect addition to any Halloween party or get together. They only take five minutes to prepare and you can decorate them to add your own personal touch. If cooking and baking is not one of your strong points, then this is definitely a recipe for you as there is none of that involved!​

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