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Eight Fun Sober Things to Do During Freshers

Posted at 22 September 2022 in Village Life, Health & Wellbeing

Freshers week isn’t just about nights out. It’s about making new friends and celebrating your new surroundings.   

If you’re looking for fun, sober activities during Freshers, read on: 

1. Go on a café crawl   

Why not gather some of your flatmates and plan a café crawl? It’s a great way to get to know your new city and find out where the best coffee and cakes are.  

You may find a new favourite study location for the next few years.   

2. Enjoy a movie night   

If you want a relaxing evening, why not organise a movie night? It’s a great way to chill out with your flatmates after a fun-packed week of events.   

Grab some snacks and your comfies and unwind by watching your favourite film.   

3. Head down to a Village Life event   

From hot chocolate nights to pottery events, there’s something for everyone at our Village Life events. Head to our Village Life events page to find out what’s happening in your village.  

4. Host a games tournament   

If you haven’t brought any to university with you, why not head to the shops and buy some board games and host a games tournament in your kitchen or living room?   

5. Have a cook-off   

Wanting to put your cooking skills to the test? Why not challenge your flatmates to a cook off? Plan a night where you all pick your favourite dish to make, tuck into each other's creations, and judge them.  

It’s a fun, alcohol-free way to enjoy each other’s company while trying different dishes.   

6. Join a society   

Most universities have hundreds of societies, so you’re bound to find one that suits your tastes.    

Signing up to societies or clubs that interest you can also be an easy way to make friends, as the people there are likely to have similar interests to you already! You’ll be able to find out more about what societies your university offers over on their website or at a Fresher’s fair.    

7. Explore your new surroundings   

Round up your flatmates and go and explore the new city you’ll be spending the next three years in. Whether it’s a walk around campus or into town, you’re bound to find many great places to visit.   

8. Check out your universities Fresher’s fair   

Fresher’s fairs are a great way to discover clubs and societies you can join at university, as well as to meet new people and grab yourself a bunch of freebies.   

Many universities host their Fresher’s fair on campus, but you’ll be able to find out more about it via your university’s website.   


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