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Alternative jobs you can do as a student

Posted at 20 March 2017 in Study & Career
Being a student often means needing to earn some extra pennies by getting a job serving drinks or waiting on tables.

Every job brings you additional skills that will help you out in the future. However, how about branching out into new fields, doing something a little different? From the part-time to the ad-hoc, here are some jobs that will mix things up on your CV.

1. Become a Student Brand Manager

Become the face of your favourite brand on campus as a Student Brand Manager. You could find yourself raising awareness for Breast Cancer on-campus, handing out freebies for Red Bull or throwing parties for Spotify. Working alongside top brands is a great way to build up your contact list too, especially if you want to get into a career in PR and marketing.

How much could you earn? Working with On-Campus Promotions, you could earn £8 an hour, working up to 8-10 hours per week.

2. Share your knowledge as a tutor

Since you’re on your way to becoming an expert in your subject, why not offer your wisdom to others by becoming a tutor? Check out Save the Student’s guide to becoming a private tutor. A tutor job can be a great start into a teaching career, and even a chance to build up experience before taking on TEFL courses teaching English abroad.

How much could you earn? The amount tends to vary but you could find yourself earning between £10 and £30 an hour – not bad!

3. Help promote your campus as a Student Ambassador

Familiar with all your campus' buildings? Know your way around the union? Been to the library more than once?

You can help promote your university by becoming a Student Ambassador. You'll provide support on Open Days, give tours around campus and help out at events throughout the year, including graduation ceremonies (if you're sticking around during the summer holidays).

How much could you earn? Universities typically pay ambassadors £8 an hour, and the hours vary depending on how much is going on on-campus.

4. Star in your favourite soap opera as an extra

Get a step closer to stardom by appearing on the small screen as an extra. You could find yourself sat in the Rovers Return or taking a walk around Albert Square.

How much could you earn? TV extras can be paid up to £90 for a ten-hour day if they’re in the background of a shot. Check out how you can get into the acting business with this guide.

5. Profit from your hobbies

Fancy yourself as a bit of a sales person? If you’ve got a creative flair, you can turn your hobby into a mini business selling your creations by setting up shop online on sites like Etsy.

How much could you earn? It depends on what you’re selling, and if it’s worth the time, money and effort you’re putting in (whilst balancing your assignments too, of course). Take a look at this guide to becoming a top Etsy seller.

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