Living with us: FAQs

Here you’ll find information on moving in and life in your village, as well as important stuff like paying your rent.
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Are you a parent or guardian? Visit our dedicated page.


The booking process

Applying to live with us is easy! All applications are handled online, and should take no more than ten minutes. Please make sure you have all your booking details to hand such as Student ID (don’t worry if you don’t have one yet), bank information and emergency contact details. Click 'Book Now' in the top right to start your application.

All students need to have a guarantor when they book with us. This should be an adult who is willing to meet the terms and conditions of your agreement if you are not able to. As part of the booking process, you will be asked to provide your guarantor’s contact details including email address, home address and telephone number. Your guarantor will subsequently receive an email with a link to the Guarantor Agreement page.​

As part of the application process, you will be asked to sign an assured short hold tenancy agreement or a licence agreement for a minimum tenancy period. These are legally binding contracts. You will be able to see the agreement online before you accept the offer.

Your contract will include the Christmas and Easter holidays, so there is no need to move out and vacate your room at Christmas or Easter.

You can select which room suits your needs online. So, whether you prefer to live independently in a studio or share a flat with a group of friends it is up to you. Our rooms are in high demand so the earlier you book the more choice you will have.

Want to live with your friend and make an application as a group? Our online booking system enables you to choose your own room. Just follow our simple application process on our website to ensure that you get the flat and room you all want.

Some of our locations can cater for couples. For dual or twin occupancy availability please call +44 (0)161 850 6664.

Please note: We are not able to provide accommodation for under 18s or non-students during term time in the majority of our locations.​​

Rooms for the next academic year usually go live at the beginning of November. You can speak to the Village Team to let them know you are interested in booking again and they will contact you to ensure you get the best choice of rooms at the best rates.​​

If you need to cancel your booking with us, you can do so but you may still be liable to pay your rent if you completed your booking and are outside the cooling off period. You would need to let us know, in writing as soon as you know you will not be living with us.

You can find our cancellation policy here and in your tenancy agreement.

The majority of our properties have accessible rooms available; you can find out more about these rooms and check their availability on each of the village pages. Upon booking an accessible room, or if you have any other disability or medical condition that requires our support, please contact our team on +44 (0)161 850 6664, so we can understand your specific requirements.

If you need special consideration because of a medical condition, you may be asked to provide a supporting letter from your doctor. Please include all relevant information on your application.​​

Moving to another country can be a daunting process. If you’re an international student, moving to the UK to study, we’re here to help make the transition into your new accommodation as smooth and as comfortable as possible.​ Find out how we can support you on the International Students page.​

Moving in

Moving out

Please visit our Moving Out FAQs page here.

Life in your village

It is the job of the Village Team to ensure that have a great experience. Your team is made up of a general manager, customer service advisors, housekeepers, and maintenance operatives. They are on hand to assist you if you have any questions, concerns or just want to chat.

Locked yourself out of your room? Need to pick up a parcel? The reception team is your first point of call for any day-to-day queries.​

Our village is your home, and we want to provide you with a place where you can live, learn, and grow. It’s about living somewhere to make new friends, have new experiences and, importantly, create memories that will stay with you for years.

Village Life is our free programme of events and activities, hosted throughout the year to help you settle in and make new friends. As well as popular favourites such as BBQs, hot chocolate nights and pizza parties, each village hosts unique events, bespoke to its residents. You can even run your own events too! Speak to your Village Team for more information

To find out what events are happening at your village visit our events page.

Your bedroom will have a bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, and either curtains or blinds. For more information on what is included in your room and flat, please check the Village Guide tab in the resident portal.

You’re more than welcome to bring your own television. Don’t forget that you’ll need to buy your own television license. It’s worth checking that you can receive a good reception before buying your licence and installing your TV. That way, you won’t be out of pocket if you find that you’re unhappy with the quality of the picture. Information on TV Licencing can be found at

IPTV (an internet TV service) is available in all halls. Residents can access this service for a small additional charge.​

As much as we love animals, there is a strict no-pet policy at all our villages which is outlined in the Village Rules appendix in your agreement. This is for the wellbeing of all our staff and guests in our villages. No pets, including fish, may be kept in the Village. Additionally, residents are not permitted to bring animals into the Village. This Rule does not apply to the extent that it restricts the keeping of a guide or assistance dog recognised by the relevant agencies.

If you are planning to bring a guide or assistance dog, we would require you to provide more information as to why this would be required and details of the registration with the relevant agency.  

Please contact Customer Contact Village, or the Village that you are enquiring about. You can find our contact details here.

In the UK, full time students are currently exempt from Council Tax during their studies so that’s one less cost to worry about. To qualify for an exemption form, please fill in the council tax form on the resident portal. We may also ask you to provide an exemption certificate from your university after you have checked in. If you don’t do this, the local authority may issue a Council Tax charge, and you will be liable to pay this cost.

Visit Council Tax – GOV.UK ( for more information.

By partnering with Endsleigh, the No.1 student insurance provider, we’ve arranged contents insurance for all our students staying with us in our residence at no cost to you.

It is important all students confirm their cover to ensure you understand what is and isn’t covered. You can do this by downloading the MyEndsleigh app and registering. 

Visit MyEndsleigh to:

  • View what is and what is not covered
  • Get claims support
  • Personalise cover
  • Access rewards
  • Access wellbeing support

Furthermore, you can upgrade your policy to cover your essential items when they are outside of your accommodation. Our policy number is HH1225

Visit Endsleigh’s website for more information.

We know that feeling secure and safe is really important to our residents, that’s why we have Service and Safety teams in our villages. Our villages have CCTV cameras, and we conduct safety patrols for the safety of our guests. See our keeping you safe page for more information.

If you lose or temporarily misplace your access keys or fob, please report this to the Village Team as soon as possible. We will be able to provide you access to your room whilst you try and find them.

We can also provide you with a replacement if they are permanently lost, and will only ever charge you what it costs us to provide the replacements – no hidden admin fees!

We understand that studying and being away from home can be difficult to adjust to. It is important to look after your physical and mental health and if you are finding things difficult, remember there is help available.

Our villages are communities, and we urge all our residents to look after one another. If you have not seen your neighbour for a couple of days, knock on their door and ask them if they want a chat over a cup of tea. If you have serious concerns about a resident, inform the Village Team immediately.

There are lots of organisations, services and websites which can offer help. Your university will also have a range of support services which are open for you to use. Speak to staff at village reception who will be able to advise on how to access those services.

Students in the UK can also register for Togetherall – an online service providing free access to students with anxiety, depression, and other common mental health issues.​

To connect to our wi-fi, simply open your internet browser once you arrive, fill in the registration form and the world (wide web) is your oyster.

Hi-speed internet Wi-Fi is provided completely free of charge via the ASK4 network and is available throughout the building including study areas and social spaces. To get online, connect to the ASK4 network, open your internet browser, and fill in the registration form.

Multiple devices? We know it is a technological world, so you can connect up to three devices with your ASK4 account!

We provide a wired and Wi-Fi internet service, which ranges from 20mb to 100mb for the Wi-Fi service, and up to 200mb for the wired service.​

All our villages have laundry facilities onsite. Simply ask reception for a laundry card, top up with credit on the website or App shown on the card and you’re ready to go.

Please note that the following villages will receive a free Wash Station card:

  • Arena Village
  • Burley Road
  • Okeford House
  • Belgrave View
  • Albert Court
  • McMillan Student Village
  • Prince Consort Village
  • Fitzroy and Wenlock Courts
  • Newport Student Village
  • Bonington Student Village
  • Peel Park Quarter
  • John Lester and Eddie Colman Courts

Full instructions of how to use the machines are on the wall of your village’s laundry room.

The reception team will take receipt of your post and any parcels. Parcels will be kept in the office, and you can pick up your deliveries during dedicated collection times. We will sign for registered post and special delivery items.​

Something not working correctly?

For anything urgent, let reception know as soon as possible. For everything else, submit a form via the resident portal.

Residents are permitted a maximum of one non-resident guest at any given time, for a maximum of two nights a week. We ask that all guests are accompanied by the resident they are visiting whilst they are in the Village. Residents are responsible for their visitor’s behaviour whilst they are in the Village and our teams reserve the right to refuse entry if there is any breach of the Village Rules, or if we believe their entry may cause a safety concern to staff, residents or other guests.

We take recycling seriously and encourage all our residents to sort their waste whenever possible. Every village offers recycling facilities which may differ from village to village. Ask your Village Team for more information and look out for signs around the village.

Facilities, amenities, and rent

We make life simple by charging one weekly rate which includes all your water, heating and electricity bills,  and insurance. We also provide Wi-Fi free of charge and make sure there are no hidden costs, so you can budget more effectively. The cost of rent will vary depending on what room you select, but the details of this will be contained in your tenancy agreement.

There may be a rent payment which is required before your arrival in addition to your deposit. Full details of the payment schedule can be found in your agreement. You will find a full breakdown of what payments are required and when they need to be made.

What you get when you live with us:

  • All your utility bills – water, electricity, and heating
  • Free in room Wi-Fi
  • Contents insurance to cover your belongings for up to £3,500
  • Staff available 24/7
  • Security on-site 24 hours a day*
  • Online maintenance reporting
  • Onsite maintenance staff
  • Hospitality welcome and service
  • Management support team
  • CCTV
  • On-site gym (if applicable)
  • Village Life events
  • Music practice rooms (if applicable)

*Roaming security checks are conducted in some villages​

You can find the full details of your payment plan within your agreement in the resident portal. There you will find a full breakdown of what payments are required and when they need to be made.​

The payment dates for your rent are stated on your contract and can also be viewed on the resident portal. We will also send you a reminder email 21 days in advance of your payment date.

You can set up a direct debit on the resident portal which will ensure that the rent is automatically paid on time.

You can set up your and make additional payments in the ‘My Account’ section on the resident portal.

Please make sure you view the payment plan in your agreement before accepting your room to make sure that you will have sufficient funds to support yourself whilst at university. If you find yourself in financial difficulty, we urge you to come and speak to us as soon as possible, so that we can discuss your issues and put you in touch with the appropriate support.​

We always try to align our payment dates with the receipt of student loans, but this may not always be possible, and payments will be required from you or your guarantor on the due dates in your agreement.

If you already live with us and have not yet received your loan, please speak to your Village Team today and they will be able to advise you of your options.

If you are applying for student finance, you can do so here.

We always try to align our payment dates with the receipt of student loans but this may not always be possible. Payments will still be required from you or your guarantor on the due dates in your agreement.

If you find yourself in financial difficulty, we urge you to speak to a member of your village team as soon as possible, so that we can discuss your situation and put you in touch with the appropriate university support.

Find out how and when to apply for student finance.

You will be expected to clean your bedroom, shared kitchen, lounge, and bathroom areas during your time with us. Housekeepers will ensure the communal areas such as the stairwells are clean.

In Burley Road and Rusholme Place, our team will vacuum, mop, and wipe down your kitchen and lounge area once a fortnight.

In Bonington Student Village, Prince Consort Village, Raymont Hall, John Lester and Eddie Colman Courts, and Surrey House, flats with shared bathrooms are cleaned once a fortnight.

We're members of the ANUK National Code for Non-Educational Establishments, the model for 'best practice' in student accommodation.