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The dreaded freshers flu

Posted at 20 October 2017 in Health & Wellbeing

How to defeat the dreaded fresher’s flu, nearly every student will experience the flu at least once in their experience at university, so here are a few hints and tips to help.

Some of the symptoms that you can expect are a sore throat, sneezing, runny nose and general grogginess.

However bad you may think freshers flu is you shouldn’t hide away in your room and miss out of all the fun, pack lots of tissues, stock up on vitamins and get yourself back out there to enjoy the student life!

Here are a few things you can do to help prevent the flu or to cope a little better.

1. Get lots of H20

Staying hydrated is the key to beating fresher’s flu and staying healthy; it also helps with hangovers for the morning after the night before. Drinking water helps remove toxins from your body and allows your cells to take nutrients. This is one step closer to feeling better.

2. Eat fruit and veg

Although this is a lot of students’ worst nightmare, it can be tempting to ordering a takeaway or putting a pizza in the oven... this won’t provide you with the nutrients you need to battle through your flu! Vitamins play a huge role in recovering, helping to keep your body functioning and boosting the immune system. They will work wonders in helping you recover, so make sure you’re eating at least some.

3. Paracetamol

This will help make fresher’s flu a little bit more bearable and might get to reduce that headache and control a high temperature and make you feel human again. Remember not to rely on it or take more than the label recommends though – keep up with the rest of these tips…

4. Breaking a sweat

You might feel like this is the last thing that you want to do when you feel like every bit of your body is aching and you could curl up into a ball, but a little bit of gentle exercise could do you the world of good. Exercise is good for getting the blood pumping around your body and gives your immune system the boost that it needs.

5. Sleep is your new best friend

As good as the flat party next door sounds and socialising with all your new friends, remember to get a good balance between the two, because lack of sleep can make you feel worse and can cause your immune system to weaken and heighten your symptoms, so it is worth catching up on some sleep now and again even having the odd duvet day!

6. Fresh air is a must

Although hibernating in your room feels like the best solution to defeat the fresher’s flu, it is not the total answer! You don’t want to stay cooped up for too long. Head outside and get some fresh air and you will soon recover maybe even go for a walk then you can cover both steps 4 and 6 in one go!

7. Hygiene is important

Although you may feel picking up all those dirty tissues around the bedroom floor is no big deal, it goes a long way to fighting the flu. Student accommodations are full of students passing on germs, so be mindful to wash your hands as often as necessary to prevent catching or passing on any germs. Cleaning your room will also decrease your chances.

8. Getting a flu jab

A flu jab could reduce your chances of getting the flu and the best time to get it is from the start of October. Many places offer the flu jab your local your GP surgery or a local pharmacy in most big supermarkets office this type of service. You can check the nearest one to you using the NHS.

Remember you will get better and this dreadful feeling will pass in a week or two. Good luck fighting the dread fresher’s flu, you will probably need it (and if all fails you can give your mum a call for some much need sympathy).

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